EXCLUSIVE: Accused killer speaks to FOX 17 from jail

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. – Weeks after Kelloggsville High School junior Isiah Blue was shot and killed, FOX 17 sat down for an exclusive interview with his accused killer.

Albeit short, 18-year-old Mitchell Savickas sat down to speak with FOX 17.  Savickas is facing a felony murder charge, three counts of armed robbery and a felony firearms charge after allegedly shooting a fleeing Blue during a robbery gone wrong back on the night of January 27th.

16-year-old Daniel Benavides is facing those same charges and 15-year-old Bryshawn Scott is facing three counts of armed robbery. All three will be charged as an adult.

Court documents indicate that those three followed Blue and three friends after they exited a Rapids bus on 44th Street in Wyoming. After trailing them for a short time, Savickas supposedly approached them, showed a weapon, and shot Blue as he tried to run away.

In the interview conducted Monday, Savickas seems uncaring and remorseless, getting up and walking away several times throughout the conversation. He at one point makes an obscene hand gesture towards the camera.

Savickas will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

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  • Mr G

    What a shame , unfortunately kids now a days don’t value life or care how there actions have a ripple affect on the victims family and friends as I lay here in bed with my child sleeping next to me I hear her breathing and it just pains me to know that this sorry excuse for a human took that away from another parent ,I’m not sure how I would handle this situation , I know God gives you the strength when you need it, praying for the family of I.Blue and praying that justice is served and this coward pays the price for his actions…,,

  • Walt

    He’s in the county jail secure in the youth pod so he is stunting in front of other kids but I guarntee when he hits Charles egaler guidance center ( prison ) he won’t be smiling anymore he will be somber and scared half to death and good reason to be as he will be housed with adults and kids his commonsary bags goodbye every week as they will be taken by other inmates and quite a few butt beatings for killing an innocent young man and he deserves every bit of it so he better enjoy his county time while he can as the rest of his life will be hell on earth Bon voyage dirt bag !!!!!

  • Melissa

    After the interview and the lack of information provided I’m curious why Fox17 felt it necessary to air this piece. It can bring no comfort to Blue’s family and friends. So sad to give this accused criminal any air time.

  • Greg Jones

    This POS and Benavides are actually brothers. Savickes was adopted away to a family member years ago. They have a third brother already locked up for armed robbery and their father was deported to Mexico after drug convictions. Sad deal. Condolences to the Blue family.

  • Commonsense

    I have to wonder why as a news station WXMI even gave time and credence to this piece of Crap. Absolutely no thoughtfulness or concern to the family of the murder victim. Great job. FOX, note, this is sarcasm!!!

  • Marie

    Sad to see everyone judging this guy. None of you guys know what these kids went thru in life to be the way they are. The POS are the ones judging, not everyone is raised the same way. People are the way they are because of their past. None of you dumb fucks talking knows his past.

    • Jas

      Ctfu he old enough to no what he did was wrong their is not one reason why a person should take some ones life unless that person was a threat that boy did nothing wrong to him to take his life I hope that bastard rot in prison better yet kill herself.

    • Commonsense

      Really, we should feel oh so sad for a punk gangster who murdered someone in cold blood? Hmm, stop making excuses and take responsibility for the time you waste in illegal behavior. The Good boy above will judge. The bad boys in the big house will file out just the right kind of justice to a pretty boy with a little tat under those cute eyes. He better have a donut to sit on for the rest of his life as stated in another comment. He made his own choices, especially to shoot guns.

      • Hendrix

        Well hate to tell you prison isn’t like that anymore unless your an old predator that scams some unsuspecting youngster! The prisons are filled with young people and there ain’t no raping going on as seen in movies not even level 4 ia it happening so what this kid has to look forward to is cable TV a bed email telephone mp3 players etc. Prison isn’t what it used to be.