Woman charged with stabbing dog to death with butcher knife

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Ronda Lynne Pekel

Ronda Lynne Pekel (Photo: Kent County Sheriff’s Department)

BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A 46-year-old woman has been charged after police say she stabbed a dog to death with a butcher knife.

Court documents show that Ronda Lynne Pekel was arraigned Jan. 28 on a charge of killing/torturing an animal, a felony that carries a maximum of four years in prison.

The alleged incident happened Jan. 1 at Pekel’s home in the 9700 block of Westview Dr. SW in Byron Township.

Kent County Sheriff’s Department deputies received a “suspicious situation” report and say when they arrived at the home they found Pekel alone with the dead dog, according to court documents.

The dog had been stabbed several times with a butcher knife.

Pekel is due back in court Feb. 17.

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  • Mac Woods

    Ronda, that’s why God invented the revolver, as a means of delivering instant, painless death. Given the few details available in this article, one may infer that the dog in question was large (or large enough to sustain multiple stab wounds) and no doubt made noise commensurate with being stabbed, which (obviously) caused a neighbor to call the police. Now, the sound of a single gunshot? Especially out there? No one would have noticed.

    • don hughes

      Mr. Woods, god did not invent the revolver, man did. It is also man who chooses to kill, god favors preservation of life. Abuse is abuse, so Mr. Woods are you suggesting that it is OK to kill a ‘dog’ or animal, but not a person? Same same, wouldn’t say? If the killing of an animal carried the same penalty as murder of a human, the human race would be much better off and safer. I say that because the way we humans treat animals, which by the way are not property, equates and translates into how we treat each other…Kapisch bugger?

  • don hughes

    Mac Woods comment makes no sense, this individual suggesting a bullet to the dogs head would have been more appropriate. How about a bullet to both your heads, what a couple of putzes. This is very problem with animal abuse cases. The attitude that a animal who by the way is a sentient being deserves to be killed, because some humanoids think of animals as property. The judge of the case will hopefully prove moral competence and rule for the maximum punishment.

    • Mac Woods

      Don, I’m not sure which sentence in my original statement confused and offended you. It was rife with sarcasm which I expected the average adult to detect. You see Don, whereas multiple stab wounds is indeed abuse, a single .45 ACP to the head delivered at point blank range is exceptionally humane, inasmuch as death seizes the body before gravity pulls it down. In addition sir, my original statement offered no approval, express, implied, tacit, or otherwise. I was simply telling Ronda how (had she exercised some common sense) she could have achieved her goal *Humanely* and *Instantly*; thereby avoiding abuse of the sentient being. Yours is the statement which makes no sense. It is knee jerk, reactionary, juvenile and hardly worth commenting on itself; except for pointing out your multiple failures of comprehension and logic. Oh, and Don? That would be “Capische” from the Italian “Capisci”. You’re welcome.

  • rieann27

    and you morons let the sick cu*t walk the streets again after this for 1,000 bail??????? maybe she will come to you’re house to visit

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