Mother charged with lying about death of her 8-month-old son

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Autumn Atchley - Berrien Co.

Autumn Atchley – Berrien Co.

COLOMA, Mich. – A Hartford woman has been charged with a felony after the death of her eight month old child in February.

Autumn Atchley, 31, is being charged with Accessory After the Fact, according to the Berrien County Prosecutor’s Office.

Carter Donovan died on February 19.  He was in the care of Brandon Beshires, 30, who has been previously charged with First Degree Murder, Felony-Murder and First Degree Child Abuse in relation to the death of Donovan.

Brandon Beshires, courtesy Berrien County Sheriff's Department

Brandon Beshires, courtesy Berrien County Sheriff’s Department

Investigators say that Beshires was caring for Donovan while Atchley was at a doctor’s appointment in Coloma.  While caring for the boy, Beshires allegedly caused the child’s head to be hit with such force that it killed him.  When Atchley returned, she and Beshires drove Donovan to the hospital in St. Joseph where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators say that Atchley gave police false information about Beshires’ identity and lied about who had been taking care of Donovan.  Investigators say that Atchley continued to give false information for several hours after Donovan died.

Atchley was arraigned Tuesday and held on $50,000 bond.  Beshires is in custody on $1 million bond.

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    • Stacy Williams

      Michigan doesn’t have DEATH PENALTY. But I do agree with you Janice. Although I’m against DEATH PENALTY, in this case, they deserve it for what happened to that innocent baby.

  • Bobby Allard

    For you guys that dont know Brandon Beshires, u should shut ur month’s, for one he dont n didint deserve what he got he has watched my kids before n ay the time my son was 5 n my daughter was six month old there is more to this story than ppl know u guys deserve the death penelty!! And WNDU- TV his wife lied to you she was the violent one i was there the night he suposovly got thrown thru the wall. I was there getting a tattoo and she was very aggressive towards him she hit him five or six times and he told her to stop and she never did but kept on hitting him until he had to slap her to defend herself I am a witness to that she has been cheating on him with a guy and millburg Michigan and I know for a fact that he didn’t kill that baby there’s something to the story and for you guys that believe that you don’t know him so shut your damn mouth and wndu-tv you need to interview other people than just his wife okay so you need to get ahold of me and my fiance because we know him you don’t