New restaurant opens in downtown Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - A new restaurant is open in downtown Grand Rapids.

"Brick and Porter" opened for lunch Thursday.  The restaurant and pub is at 47 Monroe Center, next to the Grand Rapids police station.

The restaurant features American cuisine and a variety of Michigan beers on tap.  They'll be open seven days a week.

Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss helped open the restaurant.

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    • David

      No, but that is what they want everyone else to think. I am getting a little tired of this city treating its residents like we are too stupid to understand what they are doing. I moved here to get away from the big city lunacy, and the VAI offered me what is a really good job for a city the size of Grand Rapids. It was a no brainer decision for me. I get all the benefits of living in a bigger city without all the downside of actually living in one, and I get all the perks of living in a medium sized city without having to sacrifice the income. This recent obsession with transforming Grand Rapids into a “big city” seems very misguided to me, and is eliminating all the positive aspects of what it was that drew me here in the first place.

      I think city leaders would be better off concentrating on doing whatever it takes to heal these dysfunctional relationships it has with its neighbors, rather than putting on airs by flaunting what is ultimately nothing more than just another beer and burger joint. There is no way that this will ever become a big city until and unless every single municipality in Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon counties can work together at least well enough to develop and implement a comprehensive and expansive mass transit system. That is the most basic thing a big city must have. Right now Grand Rapids can’t even get along with many of its immediately adjacent townships, and its transit system would be a bad joke in a town half this size. So it is clear to the people who live here that the whole “big city” thing is nothing more than a marketing ploy designed to bring in outside investment. And if it is clear to me, a regular Joe who works in a lab and has no knowledge of marketing whatsoever, then I can’t imagine it isn’t clear to everyone else who lives here. More importantly, it is assuredly clear to any outside investors who do due diligence in researching this area before signing anything. Positive attitudes I think are great. But they should remain realistic, and they are currently so unrealistic that it is bordering on insulting to the intelligence of the community. An appetizer, burger, two beers, and a tip, and you are out $50. That might be a good deal in Boston, but nobody here thinks this is Boston. So quit trying to get us to pretend that it is. That is not leadership, it is buffoonery. And it has gone on long enough.

      • Mark groppenberg

        It’s funny you guys claim this place to be pricey. I’m currently a regular at this establishment and I would say it’s one of the cheaper restuarants in town. Yes, they do have some items that are more expensive like a lobster roll or ribeye. ( expensive product)…. By the way two beers, a app and a burger here would range $22 to $46 from cheapest draft beer X2, app and burger to the most expensive draft beer X2, app and a burger. I guess it just depends on what your willing to spend when you go out.

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