Donald Trump wins Michigan GOP Primary

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Fox News projects that Donald Trump will win the hard-fought Michigan Republican presidential primary, to go with his projected victory in Mississippi.

Michigan is the biggest prize on the map Tuesday, with four states voting. Aside from Michigan and Mississippi, Republican voters are headed to the polls in Idaho and Hawaii as well.

On the Republican side in Michigan, according to Fox News exit polls and early vote tallies, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are locked in a battle for second place, while Marco Rubio appears headed for a fourth-place finish.

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  • Chris

    It’s like hiring someone to be a machanic who has never worked on cars. Presidents should have government jobs on their resume.

    • Andrew

      The fact that you think being a politician is in any way comparable to being a mechanic is an indication that you know nothing about what politicians are supposed to do in this country, as well as what the obligations of the people (that’s you, btw) are.
      Unlike the rest of the world, we here in the US live in a “representative democracy”. Our politicians are supposed to *represent* the people. Meaning that they put aside their own personal views and beliefs, they reject any outside influence (either by corporate or foreign interests), ignore what they think is right or wrong, abandon what any political party says that they should do, and instead they are supposed to EXCLUSIVELY do what the people tell them to do through the voting system. That is how it is supposed to work. That arrangement sounds alien and wrong to most people because, unfortunately, it has never worked that way in our lifetime. Since WW2 the voice of the people has become less and less of a factor. We are now at a point where it largely goes ignored, and we are at a tipping point as a country as a result. The true voice of the people has always been the most clear in the states which are struggling the most, and Michigan and Mississippi are two of those states. It is clear in these states that the people who have trusted their party to give strength to their voices in the past are sick of that voice being usurped and used for other purposes than the leading of the politicians. Electing someone who is not connected to that corrupt establishment is not a guarantee that the person is any better than the rest, but it does at the very least send the message to those establishment politicians that their time in charge is over. That the people have had enough of them, and from now on the people will be actively seeking out politicians from their own ranks who will do their job as a politician the way they are supposed to. To faithfully represent the will of the people as reflected in the vote. The Republican party is united in this effort, and is starting at the top and going to work its way down through Congress and the Senate. We are going to do the same at the state level, and locally in our communities as well. Democrats do not seem to be quite so united yet, and therefore have not found someone from the outside to represent their values yet. Perhaps they have not yet seen that leaving the establishment is more important than a particular slate of issues a candidate puts forth. Perhaps they have not seen that it should not be the candidate or the party determining what the issues are at all, but rather it should be the people.

      If you were to make the job of a mechanic comparable to that of a representative in our government, you would be taking your car to someone who would abandon their knowledge and do whatever a consensus of the people in the waiting room told them to do to your car. The fields of auto mechanics and politics are incomparable, and that is a very good thing for both.

    • Jason

      Dude, you can’t even spell “mechanic”! People like you should not even be voting. Go back to school and pay attention this time, or else resign yourself to the fact that you are too stupid to contribute to the political process.

  • Chas

    This is some bullshit and for them to let a dumb ass like him run is very stupid off them and for all them stupid ass white people who voted for him shame on you.