Farmer killed by bull at Lowell Twp. farm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOWELL TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 71-year-old man died Wednesday afternoon after being injured by a bull on a Kent County farm.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office says they were called at about 1:00pm to the farm on Cascade Road near Morse Lake.  The caller owned the bull and was neighbor to the farm.  The caller said the bull was running loose and that the farmer was on the ground.

Two deputies responded and found the bull in the driveway of the farm.  They used their cruiser to block the bull in the driveway, but they weren’t able to get by the bull to the victim.  The bull acted very “agitated” towards the deputies.

The deputies then fired 33 rounds from their rifles at bull, eventually dropping it to the ground.  Reportedly all 33 rounds hit the bull.  After the bull was down, they were able to get to the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The Associated Press confirms the farmer’s name as Roger Bearup.

Investigators say it appears the man was trying to get the bull into a corral when it attacked him.  The bull had also broken through an electric fence.

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  • Willard

    So it didn’t occur to county authorities to either A) call in someone trained in how to kill a bull quickly and humanely, or B) have officers who regularly respond to rural locations trained in how to do things like this ahead of time?

    One shot would have sufficed. Six shots is ignorance. Continuing on to thirty-three is nothing less than blatant animal abuse, and these deputies should face charges.

    • your and idiot

      My dad is in the ground hurt bad and possibly dead or dying. Please call someones else to try to contain the bull before going to help him? Are you stupid? If i found out they waited to help him for someone else to take care of the bull i would go nutts. They did their job.

    • To clueless Willard

      It didn’t occur to you to keep your ignorant comments to yourself? You obviously have no clue about A) Farming B) Law enforcement or C) Empathy. Basically you don’t have a clue.

      • Andrew

        His suggestions made perfect sense to me. I have seen farmers put cattle down with single shots from small caliber handguns as well as a hammer blow to the forehead. It only seems like common sense to train LEO’s to handle situations which are specific to the area they serve. And I do think it would be very interesting to see where exactly those 33 shots were placed on the bull. Given that they were using the rifles, I would expect that the 33 shots would have been placed within a 6 inch circle either in the bull’s head or chest. Rifles are accurate, and the men who use them are trained how to take advantage of that accuracy. If it is found that there are shots all over the bull, in its hindquarters, legs, etc. then it will be very clear that procedures were not followed. If that is the case, the men involved should face disciplinary action. There is nothing insensitive about any of that, nor did anything he said reflect a lack of empathy toward the victim. On the contrary, if the suggestions were in place the deputies would have reached the man much quicker, possibly saving his life.

        • To Clueless Willard

          Willard and Andrew are obviously out promoting their starring roles in the next release of Dumb and Dumber.

    • MarjorieRMcGuinness

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    • Craig Sawyer

      Did it occur to you that the rifles the sheriffs carry are a small caliber rifle not capable of taking down a large animal like a Bull with a single shot ?

      • John

        I have killed an 1800 lb bull 1 shot, he went down immediately and was dead within 30 seconds …no need for all those shots to be fired….case of over reacting and inexperience

  • justin

    Willard – Are you really that stupid? Maybe you should think before you post your comments. It’s pretty obvious that you’ve never been around or worked with cattle.


    Come on cops….33 rounds? That’s not putting it down, that’s darn near torcher.
    You should know a 556 will not put down a bull. Even a head-shot is questionable.
    This is why I don’t endorse the 223/556 for deer hunting, its not enough gun for a humane kill.
    This doesn’t help the image issue the currant administration has caused by disparaging police officers.
    I get a man was in need of help so I know you did what you had to do but I hope we learn from this.
    Perhaps the police could be issued scoped rifles as well as AR’s. The would be a use of my tax dollars I’d support.

    I’m sorry for the family’s loss.