Mother of victim killed in shooting devastated by loss

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  -- A person of interest has been taken into custody after a deadly shooting on the city's south east side.

Kimberly Pittman says her son, Stroy Pittman, was killed in a shooting on Ottillia St. SE near Nelson Ave. in Grand Rapids.  She says Pittman, 26, had two young children who will never know their father.

Facebook photo of Stroy Pittman

Facebook photo of Stroy Pittman

"He got two kids, two babies, a year old and a month old," said Pittman as tears streamed down her face.  "They will never know who he is, they will never see him again.  Why?  Why?  All I want to know is why."

Police say the shooting happened shortly after midnight at the Alger Meadows Apartments.  When they arrived at the scene, they found Pittman deceased.

During a brief pause between tears, Pittman called on the person responsible to turn him or herself in and "get this over with."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Grand Rapids Police Department at 616-456-3400.


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  • Commonsense

    Reporter on scene is an idiot. It’s too bad the police are not as you say “”doing anything ” at the address and not providing you information for your media circus. Time for Nicole to go to another market.

  • joe

    maybe if he worked for a living and not make babys that we working people pay for and not be selling drugs and around drug people he would not be guned downed. if a person walks in mud there shoes will get muddy

  • Change

    It’s gotta hurt more than I can imagine losing a child but blacks need to change their lifestyle if they expect real change

  • prospectne

    Per Dr, Ben Carson: Well over 70% of African American infants are now born out of wedlock.
    The teen moms rarely returning to finish HS .Dependent, Illiterated teen moms with absentee fathers breeding 10s of thousands of kids with no male role models are turning to gangs at younger ages for male role models.
    This is your answer Why he was shot. Involved in turf wars, gangs and drug trafficing.

    • LeVitze

      Can you PLEASE verify that Stroy was in a gang or any of the ppl you claim to be in gang before you speak???? Our societal crimes regardless of ethnicity, NOT race; as we are ALL ONE RACE, HUMAN, GO DEEPER THAN THIS GARBAGE BIGOTS AND GENERALISTS ARE TALKING ABT. SHALL I SAY ALL WHITE MEN ARE CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPISTS, WOMEN HATERS, CHILD KILLERS, AND ALSO GANG MEMBERS? That would be PURE ignorance now wouldn’t it? MGBWYDA’S

      • Commonsense

        He did not give a damn how this would affect his family. This was not random. Action as a result of his behavior. Sad his mother has to deal with this, but he was no angel! Does not matter what race, pure lack of personal responsibility lack of respect for human life on both sides here. Nothing but a me generation.

  • LeVitze

    I firmly believe in freedom of speech BUT WHEN IT COMES TO RACIST COMMENTS, STEREOTYPING, AND HATE COMMENTS when someone is killed, that’s where FOX news needs to SHUT these hateful ppl DOWN and NOT ALLOW their comments!!! This is a disgrace and all I can say is, bullets have no names, they do not discriminate, and one day this could be any one of u racists that loses a child or loved one to violent crime, then let’s see how it feels to hear the words you all have to say abt Stroy’s story and others said abt your family member. May God ALLOW you in the heavens of peace and rest; although he FORGIVES, he is our father and we will be punished..think abt. It. SMH

      • Ray

        Shut the hell up,cause whites do just as much killing THEY JUST DONT BLOW IT UP LIKE THEY DO BLACKS IN THE MEDIA,ALL YOULL ARE RACIST& IGNORANT

        • Commonsense

          I would have to say that yours is one of the most racial comments ever made on this website. You should be so proud of yourself, note: SARCASM!

        • Doom

          Blacks, breaking all the laws and blaming every one else for it.. Completely worthless. You think only white people dislike you ? Think hard I know it’s hard since your black

          • Shakita

            You have no place to talk. That was my cousin and I find it offensive that you would say disrespectful things about them and blacks in general. I know that your tiny little mind can’t comprehend the enormity of the having a family member killed. So for you to say some crap about my family is only ignorant but disgraceful. May God have mercy your soul.

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