ArtPrize announces changes for 2016; Past Grand Prize winners not eligible to repeat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Expect some new looks to the winners of ArtPrize in 2016.

The 8th annual ArtPrize event is scheduled for September 21 to October 9 in downtown Grand Rapids.  Event organizers held a breakfast event Thursday morning to announce grants and changes to this year’s art competition.

ArtPrize will actually start the week of September 14th in 2016, with an official Preview Week.  During the week of September 14-20, visitors will be able to see the installations in progress around town and venues that don’t charge admission during ArtPrize can do so to visitors in town.

The big news for contest entries for 2016 is that artists who have previously won the Public Vote Grand Prize or the Juried Grand Prize will not be eligible to enter starting this year. Past Grand Prize winners will still be displayed at the ArtPrize Hub or other locations to highlight the history of past events.  Winners of the public vote and juried category awards are still eligible to enter.

Also new for 2016, venues are now limited to only having two entries advance to the public vote Top 20. The hope here is to have more venues represented during the second round of voting in the later days of ArtPrize.

Venue registration for ArtPrize 2016 is now open through April 7.  Artist registration runs from April 18 – June 2.

ArtPrize also announced Thursday $273,000 in grants and a new member, Leslie Koch, to the Board of Directors.

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  • Seth

    Oh please. What percentage of ArtPrize winners even enter again? 3%? 5%?
    Most of the top ten artists never return at all because by the time they leave here they realize what a sham it was from the very beginning and they wonder how they ever managed to get suckered in to it in the first place.
    They ought to call this EtsyPrize anyway. Most of what you see is no better than macaroni glued to a paper plate. When I do see something truly great, my first thought is “How did they not hear about what this event really is?”, and my second thought is “Man, they are really going to be insulted when they get beat by the Macrame Jesus Kitty.”

    Face it, this event is known nationally for what it is…a promotional gimmick that has absolutely NOTHING to do with art. It is a publicity stunt of epic proportion, and nothing more.

      • Carla G

        LMAO @ Macrame Jesus Kitty!
        The fact that we have not seen that particular entry yet is itself a small miracle.
        You pretty much nailed it though.
        I love going back and listening to Rick DeVos’ mantra “ArtPrize is only about getting people to talk about art”.
        What a joke that the consensus after several years of “talking about art” is that ArtPrize is closer to a flea market than an art event. I am glad it has been exposed as a rigged PR campaign, now maybe we can get back to supporting Festival as a whole community again.

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