Problem Solvers get results for couple experiencing flooring frustrations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FENNVILLE, Mich.—  Frustrations boiling over for a retired couple in West Michigan after they say they spent $11,000 to repair flooring in their home.  They contacted the FOX17 Problem Solvers this week, and are now closer to a true fix as of Friday night.

Dorothy and Larry Merriweather say they would usually be on their motorcycles this time of the year cruising across the country, but this botched floor repair has put their travel plans on hold for now.

The Merriweathers pointed out several places where their floor is buckling in their home, disappointed by the installments made in October by Empire Today.

“They were Johnny-on-the-spot. They were going to come out. They gave us an estimate. They gave us a date and time, and guaranteed they would complete it in 3 days,” said Dorothy.

The Merriweathers said they thought it would be an easy process. Their contract stated the job would be done in three days, but the Merriweathers say it took 6 days to complete.

“I called the office and said these guys are not working. They are only working three hours a day. I even caught one guy he was in the company truck for two hours sleeping,” said Larry.

After the installation was finally completed, the Merriweathers say problems started bubbling up right away, including the floors buckling in their home.  Empire Today told Fox 17 News on Friday that they made several attempts to make it right, including agreeing to inspect the floors in December, but the Merriweathers say it was all talk and no action.

“They say they will be here on Wednesday, and they don’t show up. They don’t call. We wait around all day. I mean just because we are retired doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to do. It’s just a nightmare,” said Dorothy.

The Merriweathers said they were fed up after several missed appointments, so Dorothy started keeping a log of phone calls.

“I don’t trust them anymore. This started in October, and we are almost in the middle of March now. I’ve asked for a refund, but they wouldn’t do that,” said Dorothy.

After months of the Merriweathers trying to get a solution, Fox 17 Problem Solvers called Empire Today Friday afternoon. Empire Today offered to give Dorothy and Larry a full refund, and let them keep the existing floors. Larry and Dorothy said they were very pleased with the resolution.

Fox 17 News repeatedly asked Empire Today for an interview or official statement on all this, and they declined. They simply said they value their customers, and wanted to make it right as soon as they heard from Fox 17.

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