Teen unexpectedly gives birth to baby in toilet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


RACINE, Wis. — A Racine teenager got an unexpected surprise when she went to use the bathroom Tuesday morning and gave birth to a baby boy in the toilet.

Braeley Pettigrew, 17, tells WDJT she had no idea she was pregnant.

The teen thought she was having a bowel movement, but when she looked down, a baby was in the toilet. She became scared, cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby up.

Pettigrew told her mom someone left the baby on the porch, but when her mom noticed blood on the teen’s clothes, she called police.

The teen and baby were rushed to the hospital where the child is in the NIC-U. Both mom and baby are doing well.

“I never thought I would be having a baby at 17, but my first instinct was to get him out of the toilet and wrap him up to keep him warm,” Pettigrew said.

The teenager told police she made up the story about the abandonment because she was afraid her mom would be upset.

According to police, Pettigrew doesn’t face any charges.

After deciding to keep him, she named the baby Kayden.

Pettigrew said she plans to finish high school and attend college.

CNN contributed to this report. 

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  • Justin Case

    “I never thought I would be having a baby at 17…” Really because that is what can happen if you have sex. So who is the dad here. Possible “statutory rape” may be applicable here if she was 16 when she got preggo~!

    • oNLYa12yearOldWithAGunCanStopAnother12YearOldWithAGun!!!

      Just in case you’re sl#t shaming … STOP THAT!!!
      IT MIGHT very well be that her medical supplier gave her a bad batch of birth control pills. The poor often don;t have access to even minimal quality care

      • RedHot

        Medicaid covers conception prevention pills, or they can be had cheaply/free from Planned Parenthood (which also provides condoms).

        Best idea, though, is that the parents get involved & teach their child/ren about their bodies, and to respect themselves, and not to have sex until they’re old enough & educated enough to have a real job where they can support any spawn.

  • EBaby

    “I didn’t know I was pregnant” sounds like a lie to protect yourself from your choices (I didn’t say it was a good one)… You know, kinda like “someone left this baby on the porch”. Girl doesn’t have a good track record with telling the truth.

    • Gavner Purl

      It’s actually very possible to not know you’re pregnant. It’s rare, but has happened. Women can carry differently and sometimes you carry in such a way where it only looks like a bit of weight gain and you have mild symptoms that you might not immediately associate with being pregnant.

      Was she lying? Sure, it’s a possibility. Did she tell the truth? Of course she could have been telling the truth. But please don’t try to pin the young (and most likely shocked) girl as a liar without knowing a thing about her and her own health. I don’t know a thing about you or your gender, but as a young woman myself, not knowing I could be pregnant is a horrible, constant fear of mine.

      • NewOrleansLady81

        Exactly I Agree with you some women may not know they are pregnant because of the way they are carrying for example I was told by 6 doctors I would never have children bc of me being a severe diabetic and my blood chromosomes not matching up right so I finally was pregnant with my first son I found out when I was 3 months and for my second son I found out 1 week after I was married my wedding dress was so fight I busted it I had no weight on and wasn’t never sick when I took my test it said positive when I went to my doctor I was 6 n a half months pregnant I didn’t show until I was 8 months it was like I blew up over night and just got huge all of a sudden . so some women don’t show I was 100lbs in a size 0 I went from that to 165 into a size 11/12 so yes it’s possible not to k ow you are pregnant if you have no symptoms of sickness or weight and I just recently lost a baby at 2 months sad part is I looked like I was 7 months pregnant …

    • oNLYa12yearOldWithAGunCanStopAnother12YearOldWithAGun!!!

      Well, womens health care STILL is treated as unnatural, so im sure the white old boys club would have made something up:
      Case in point: the writer of this article felt the need to WRITE that she would not be charged, indicates a culture where everything that has to with sex, is up for criminal prosecution.

  • Jeff

    When you have sex the result can be pregnancy…….But I am sure her parents were extremely involved in their daughters life and that could not have happened……So I guess we have a virgin birth here


    Give the young mother a break…..you hear all the time about women that didn’t know they were pregnant and give birth. At least her first reaction was to take the baby out of the toilet, cut the umbilical cord, and wrap him up, NOT GO THROW HIM IN THE GARBAGE!!! No matter what she is owning up to her responsibility and obviously has a good support system. It doesn’t matter how she got where she is, it matters where she goes from here and it sounds like she is heading the right direction.

  • john mcnyger

    “Pettigrew said she plans to finish high school and attend college.” Not anymore. You’re an unwed unemployed teenage mother now! You can pick up your welfare check at the social security office at the first of each month.

    • Tracey

      Seriously just because she is young and not married doesn’t mean she will get welfare checks…I also was a young mother and took very good care of my boys.You need to get a life!!!

    • Catie

      I like how a name denotes sexuality. It’s 2016 and you still use the word ‘gay’ to describe something. How does it feel to be 12?

  • Me

    It is possible. Very rare case but possible.
    I’m not saying she was lying or telling the truth but here are the things that could happen :
    1-Some people still get their period while pregnant. It might not be as heavy as it used to be but still see the blood and it’s right in the time of her period
    2- in some cases which is not very actually that rare the fetus could be small for gestational age. It could be because of different causes. So you have a 7 or 8 month fetus but they weigh like a 5 or 6 month fetus.
    3- pain tolerance is different especially if the baby is small you might not feel the same pain
    4- she might deliver the baby early meaning at 7-8 month pregnancy since she didn’t seek any medical help during the pregnancy this is very possible. Also
    When the baby is all the way down there you feel you want to go poop. That’s normal.
    5- if that’s the case , all has happened it’s possible that she thought she just gained weight esp if she was chubby from the beginning. These people usually do not have a regular period which adds to the confusion as well.
    6- if she doesn’t know , her parents wouldn’t know. And some times parents sense something but they don’t bring it up to their children’s face ( which is wrong )
    7- some times we all know something but we are in denial esp when you are a 17 year old teen ager and you are scared to death b/c of the pregnancy or the consequences with your family. Your first defense mechanism is to push away the thought out of your mind and think that it will go away !
    8- we really don’t know which one she had and which one she didn’t but at least I appreciate her that as soon as she came to her senses she wrapped the baby and cut the umbilical cord and save the baby. Some people just throw the babe is garbage !!!!
    9- again as I said it’s absolutely rare that some one has all of the above at the same time but it’s possible.

  • Laverne Allison

    I am thoroughly confused as to why the line “Pettigrew doesn’t face any charges” is part of this story at all. She had a baby. She did not kill the baby. She kept the baby safe. Why would someone’s mind even think that she has done anything that warrants criminal charges? How does your mind go there?

  • DMack

    Half of these posts are all about how this is rape because she was under age. What about HIM? if they were both under-age, they’re like 75% of the population that has sex when they probably shouldn’t. Calling this rape and somehow blaming the guy for it is so wrong on so many levels. I don’t think kids should be having sex, but you shouldn’t be prosecuting them either if they’re both making the active decision to do so. Clearly consent is being labelled as only something that can be given at 18, I get that, but arroyo going to actually CHARGE one or both parties with statutory rape, literally putting them on the sex offender registry for being stupid and having sex (LIKE MOST PEOPLE I KNOW WHO HAD SEX WHEN THEY WERE LIKE THIRTEEN-SIXTEEN BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT IT WAS LOVE). This is when we need to start talking about sex, the repercussions, and challenging youth to not have sex at a young age, not destroy their lives for doing it consensually, and YES, it’s consensual if they’re both the same age. You can’t blame one over the other when they are both making the same choice together.

    • Jen S

      I agree with you DMACK.

      I looked up age of consent in WI for my own info and found they have strict laws for both males and females. Not sure the prosecutor can press charges unless the parents want to press charges. I didn’t delve into it that deep. I posted a link with the laws in an earlier comment.

  • Rachelle H.

    you silly people……how will we ever have world peace when you bicker about this stuff. Parents-schools need to educate-birth control is another option. Ugh. Find a real issue to waste time on. Yawn.

  • Connor

    Aren’t there… you know… signs? Like missing your period or something? (Not criticizing, just honestly wondering how she didn’t know.)

    • Laverne Allison

      A woman only needs to ovulate to get pregnant , not have a period. Not all women have periods every month, some only have them once or twice a year, not all women get as big as a house when pregnant, and not all women get sick or moody or can tell the difference between fetal movement or bowel movements. Tilted and bico uterus makes them impossible.

  • Jubilee93

    She’s a very good example of young woman behaving as she should, given the experience she was having. May she and her son fare very well. My heart’s with them!

  • Marlie

    Wow. I wonder how many of these judgmental people saying nasty things about this girl are the same people who squawk about abortion and how horrible THAT is? Probably more than a few is my guess.

  • Renée Joy

    All the hating on this teen is just sad. Even if she was missing periods, denial is a very very powerful thing, folks, and if you have never been pregnant or given birth before you have no context as to what is happening to you…at least her baby is safe, once she realized what was happening she got him out and wrapped up straightaway, went and told her mother a baby had been left on the porch straightaway because I’m sure she was panicked and freaking out at that point, who wouldn’t be if they really hadn’t realized they were pregnant yet, and she wasn’t like this woman who clearly really didn’t give a crap (pun not intended, sigh):


  • Jeannie todd

    I’m sorry. But no 17 year old with sex Ed. In high school doesn’t not know she is pregnant..she lied about the baby being left on the porch so I’m sure she lied about not knowing she was pregnant also..I’m glad she is going to stay in school and keep the baby..Good luck to her and the baby..

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