Teen to be charged as an adult in Wyoming murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. - A teen is officially being charged as an adult in the murder of a Wyoming teen.

The Kent County Circuit Court confirmed to FOX 17 that Carlos Delgado, 15, is being charged as an adult in the murder of Michael White over the weekend. White's body was found in Lions Park in Wyoming Saturday.

A second teen is also in custody in relation to this case.

White's family says they only met Delgado once before seeing him in court Wednesday morning. White's mother said she met Delgado in her home a few months ago and their interaction made her uneasy.

"When she did see him she did not catch a good vibe from him and ever since that day she never trusted him" explained Sam Tran, Michael's brother in law.

The motive for Michael's death is still under investigation, but Michael's family believes his death was not an accident. They believed Michael was set up and lured to Lion's Park, where his body was found Saturday morning.

“Just [Delgado] being put away is a relief" said Michaela Tran, Michael's sister. "It is justice for my brother. He needs to be off the streets. Seeing people on social media who are taking his side is just appalling."

White's family says they are hopeful for justice.

"We want life without parole" said Michaela Tran. "That is the justice we want. We don't want there to be any mercy. This is a horrible case and a horrible situation."

"We just hope that little by little we get justice" said Sam Tran. "Right now we are trusting the legal system. We are hoping we find justice for Michael. That is all we want. That is all we can really do."

The other teenage suspect in this case is not being identified at this time and investigator still have not released an exact cause of death.

The family has created a donation page to help cover Michael's funeral expenses.

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  • That Guy

    Good to hear if the other one was there, charge him with the same. This is sad 3 young lives wasted for what? It all starts at home is all i got to say.


    I think its time we demand that hate crime laws be applied equally.
    The statistics show that hate crime laws do not protect all citizens and seem only to apply to whites.

  • Wonder

    According to DOJ race statistics a white is 30 X more likely to be victim of violent crime by black than the other way around. So why the hate crime laws, and how long will whites let this happen ?

    • Lisa

      Stop making this a black and white thing! the other boy who has yet to be charged is white, Carlos is Mulatto his mom is white and his father is black.

      • kingzster

        multicultural society make this a blank-n-white thing; multiculturalism needs to be stopped and this is a hate crime, one -drop rule, remember Obama, what’s he called a mulatto or first African prez

  • jerry

    maybe if the parents would learn to bring up kids and not let then go out at 11 pm things would not happen then the two who did it should be hung

    • That Guy

      Agreed that is such the truth and like i said it starts at home period!!! Plain and simple quit being bad parents and worry a little more amd moms if you just keep your legs together or use protection and you dont have to worry about dead beats or fathers that arnt there.