Video shows man yelling ‘Kill Muslims’ and ‘Trump’ in downtown Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -  Police are investigating a confrontation involving a man chanting "kill Muslims" at a group in downtown Grand Rapids Sunday afternoon.

The incident happened near Rosa Parks Circle and a portion of it was captured on video.

The video was recorded by Candy Valenzuela.  It shows a man yelling expletives at a group of Muslim street preachers and chanting, "Trump, Trump."

"It was just so hateful and amazing to see that with this presidential campaign people feel it’s okay to voice their hatred in that way," said Valenzuela.

Saying after the confrontation, the man went to the group and took a swing at them and missed.  Police said they were called by a witness who said a group of protesters had pushed a man down.  Police say they're aware of the incident, but no formal complaints have been filed.

Dr. Sharif Ahmad Sahibzada, from the Islamic Center of West Michigan, responded with prayer.

"We have to show patience and educate the people," said Dr. Sahibzada. "We have to ignore it, time I think will mend it."

Warning: Video contains strong language.

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    Being old, I have seen a lot. And I have never seen a so called “right winger” act like this, or act like the nutjobs who start violence at Trump rallies.
    But I have seen so called “left wingers” act like this and incite violence many times.
    At a “peace rally” in DC I witnessed anti-war lefties attacking pro “support our troops” people with lengths of pipe and baseball bats.

    So with that said, Its may opinion that leftists “pretending” to be “right wing” are playing a game. Propaganda if you will, right of the lefties handbook “rules for radicals”
    Read it, then compare what you’re told against what you see.
    The silent majority is still silent.

  • Don Miller

    I can not but help to compare this video and the comments to a video that I have seen of Dearborn , Michigan ! Here see ONE man shouting from across a large street at a group of Muslim street preachers ! Sticks and stones etc !
    But , in Dearborn, there were hundreds of Muslims PHYSICALLY attacking a group of Christian street preachers ! Hundreds of Muslims picking up stones and stoning the Christians ! Does no one except myself see that there is a considerable difference !?

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