Under fire on abortion, Trump fights to court women

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Donald Trump is fighting to convince a skeptical Republican Party he can improve his standing among women, even as he takes back an explosive comment about abortion and attacks the credibility of a female reporter police say was illegally grabbed by the GOP front-runner’s campaign manager.

It took Trump’s campaign just hours to backtrack Wednesday after he said that should abortion become illegal, women who undergo the procedure should face “some sort of punishment.”

The plan sparked an immediate backlash from both sides of the debate, prompting Trump to release two statements clarifying his position. The second said only those who perform abortions would be “held legally responsible, not the woman.”

Frustrated Republicans are privately grappling with fears about Trump’s impact on their party’s appeal among women and young people.


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  • Andrew

    So our options here are Trump, who would restrict some abortions, and Clinton, who would make them so expensive that nobody can afford them.


  • Great

    I Truly believe Trump means well by wanting better trade deals, bring manufacturing back to the US as it should be and clamping down on illegal immigration.. This is his wheel house , but talk about foot in mouth disease.. Geesh. #anyonebutclinton

  • Trump card played & lost

    This bloated scarecrow has already made it very clear that:
    #1. He really never intended to run for president. [this has been stated many times]
    # 2. He loves the under educated, (which relates to #1..He thinks you all are stupid, and beneath him)
    #3. He hates women and think they are less than he is, and are only worthy if they are trophy material…then not even that much. Punishing women? Really? Think about this when you visit your own mother!
    #5. He condones physical violence for those (especially women and foreigners) who do not think like he does..(I.E. Dictator style)
    #5.The way he back peddles on everything: He obviously has dementia like his own mother, [check the symptoms]
    #6. Tells it like it is? Hmm…Keeps mentioning he is going to make “America great again” But has NO specifics!
    More air filled promises…
    #7. He is a blabbermouth wind filled F-Tard.
    #8. Wake up Trump supporters, He really hates you…So don’t complain “if” he is elected and WHEN he goes after the uneducated that voted for him!
    You brought it on yourselves..

  • Hateu

    Biggest losing attempt ever by every entrenched politician and mainstream news media to undercut Trump and idiots everywhere are buying into it. If hypothetically abortion was illegal and a women gets an abortion she should be charged with a crime. It’s like In rape the women should be charged not the rapist.. You idiots

    Trump is obviously ok with abortion and this was the dumbest hypothetical trick question ever . I am ok with abortion also or we would have more mouths to feed off my dime because people so stupid and can’t afford kids other than for a government kickback.