Young father, 23, shot to death outside Muskegon party store

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MUSKEGON, Mich. — Relatives and a close friend of a man shot to death outside a Muskegon liquor store Saturday said the victim was a young father who was "trying to be a better man."

Brin Aurich confirmed to FOX 17 her friend Charlie Cuti, 23, was shot outside Sam's Drink All Party Store, 1500 S. Getty St. Muskegon police said when officers arrived on scene around 11 p.m. they found Cuti lying in the parking lot dead from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the torso.

"I really loved Charlie," Aurich told FOX 17. "And I really wanted to help him. Charlie was a very dedicated person to me."

Aurich said the two had dinner Saturday night with Cuti's uncle before the shooting. After dinner they laughed and talked until Aurich fell asleep and Cuti left, she told FOX 17.

A phone call just hours later early Sunday morning brought feelings of instant shock and guilt, Aurich said.

"It was (Cuti's) aunt who called me at about 2 a.m. to tell me that Charlie was shot and murdered," she said. "I just felt like I failed when someone reached out and I couldn’t, you know, I fell asleep and now they’re gone."

Aurich told FOX 17 Cuti had a troubled past and she believed her friend had recently been struggling with drugs, which might've led to his death.

"I had a feeling he was chasing a high," she said.  "But he reached out to me for help, he asked me for help. Charlie was really, honestly working on trying to be a better man."

Cuti had a criminal past that included drugs, retail fraud and assault, according to Michigan State Police records. His most recent arrest was in 2014 for malicious destruction of property to which he later pled guilty, records show.

But Cuti was also a young and dedicated father from Nunica, who had attended Grand Haven High School, Aurich said.

"There was two things in his life that he really adored the most; he did love his daughter and he did love his daughter's mother," Aurich said. "He was a good kid, he was a really good kid and I could see him going far in life."

Police told FOX 17 that they were "speaking with witnesses and persons of interest, and working to sort out the details of what occurred."

No suspects or arrests have been announced.

The incident is being investigated as a homicide by Muskegon Police Department detectives.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover funeral costs.

FOX 17s Kate Nadolski contributed to this report.

Google Map for coordinates 43.225001 by -86.224261.

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  • Commonsense

    The police aren’t talking. The media needs to stop it’s circus like behavior. You’re getting to sound like another inner city television station located within Grand Rapids.

  • Concerned

    Whites need to stay away from blacks . Violent crime from black against whites is 30 times that oh the other way around

  • WewillBrdy

    Blacks commit violent crime against whites by 30X that the other way around. Look at the DOJ crime race statistics yourself.


    Still waiting for the “outrage”
    Will there be T-shirts for sale and riots tonight?
    How about a phone call from the white house, did that happen yet?
    Is Al Sharpton on his way to consul the victims family ?

    Oddly, I haven’t heard a word about this on MSNBS or CNN.
    Whats up? doesn’t anyone “care” ? Has even a single shoe store been looted?

    • Don't care

      For what ? A drug dealer shoots a dope feen that tried to snatch is dope….oh OK…will start looting tomorrow

  • Dawn

    Career drug addicted criminal who was “trying to be a better man” by going out and getting high instead of taking care of his responsibilities. He may have loved his daughter, and her mother, but he loved drugs more. He wasn’t trying to be a better man, he was trying to keep from losing his enabler friends and family by feeding them another line of crap. Which they bought. Tell me Mr. Aurich, where did he get the money he was going to buy drugs with? Did he get it from you after telling you that he needed it for legitimate purposes? What gullible sap gave him the money? Because THAT is the gullible sap who should be paying for the funeral, not GoFundMe.

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