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Kasich says Trump is just whining

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — John Kasich is suggesting Donald Trump’s calls for him to drop out of the race amount to basic whining.

Speaking at Hofstra University, the Ohio governor notes Trump himself admitted Kasich is winning over his voters. Kasich has long argued that he can bring Trump supporters his way because he offers real solutions.

Kasich says, “they’re really not ‘his’ people, they’re Americans who are worried.”

Kasich says he won’t get “desperate” like Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, to win the GOP nomination.

Although he’s poised to lose Wisconsin’s primary on Tuesday, Kasich says he’s the only one of the three who can make the state competitive for the GOP in the general election.

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  • AmazedHuman

    There is no other reason than money urging this clown on to keep making such a fool of himself. I hope he’s getting a big, huge amount of it, ’cause people are forever after going to think of him as one of the world’s biggest fools. He really, for his sake if nothing else, needs to shut up and back off. He’s making himself look like such a moron.

  • Go Trump

    Kasich, shut your face.. Nobody is listening to you except perhaps 2% of the population. Your entire game plan remaining in the race is slimey at best

    • Andrew

      Him staying in the race isn’t his game plan, it is the GOP’s. Anything they can do to keep Trump from destabilizing the establishment, they are willing to do, even if it means directly undermining the will of the people…their own constituents! If this doesn’t wake up Republican voters, I don’t know what will. Their own party is deliberately seeking to nullify the will of the people in order to do what it wants. That should be seen as a criminal act, beyond the bounds of a legitimate political party and into the realm of election rigging. I am half surprised that Obama’s pet flunkies (the justice department) haven’t stepped in yet. But make no mistake, by staying in the election Kasich is ensuring himself a solid position in whatever is left of the GOP establishment after this election is over.

  • Doug Bough

    John Kasich is the best GOP presidential candidate in 20 years. Smart, highly experienced and very sensible, for the first time in two decades I would seriously consider voting Republican would he be the nominee. It seems though that the Republican Party has become too dysfunctional to nominate such a qualified person. Instead, they are most likely going to chose either a blowhard scam artist or a demagogic showboat. Either one would have been a disaster as President and I would expect either to end up impeached. Fortunately the aggregate of the American electorate is savvy enough to see through their BS and whichever wins the nomination will be trounced by Hillary. And drag the GOP Senate and House into defeat.

    And then we can all watch the implosion of the Grand Old Party.

    • Work

      Yeah, let’s stay on the same path we are on and in 30 years those who want to work will have to immigrate to Mexico. Sorry but fast food and Walmart aren’t supposed to be career choices. Kasich isn’t part of the problem.

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