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Made by Moms – Freedom Wand

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Protect Your Dignity And Independence With The FreedomWand Toilet Aid!

4 Tools In 1

The FreedomWand® is not just a toilet aid! It will hold the all important toilet tissue but will also hold a loofah, a shaver, wash cloth, wet wipes, and an ointment sponge.


Are you frustrated with toileting aids being only one length? The FreedomWand Master Kit comes with 3 pieces and can be used at 7'', 14'', and 21''. Plus purchase extra extensions extend the FreedomWand 4'' each.


Unique from other toileting aids, the FreedomWand® can be taken apart and comes with a 100% cotton carry bag allowing you to live an ACTIVE INDEPENDENT LIFE!

Visit their website to learn more at

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  • Dawn

    Does it vibrate? Because if it doesn’t vibrate, I won’t be able to live an active independent life!

    Seriously, get this crap out of here. This is a news website FFS, not QVC.