Frankly Speaking: Warmer Pattern Persists

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Good morning!  It’s going to be another cooler day today.  Temperatures this time of the year range in the middle to upper 50s.  We’ve obviously been nowhere close to that anytime recently, but we’ll begin that trend tomorrow.


Today, we deal with some cooler temperatures but still a pleasant night expected at Fifth Third Ballpark with mostly sunny conditions and a light northwest breeze.

3DayForecast_Full_Tomorrow (14)

The next several days are what you’re after.  We nearly tack on 5 degrees almost every day leading in to the weekend!

FOX17_2013 (14)

One of the reasons we’re going to clear out and dry up the next several days is a strong center of high pressure that will move into the area over the next few days.  I don’t often have the time to fully dive into what high pressure actually means for us during my three minute segments on the air, or my producers would yell at me.  You’d also likely be confused, as I like to keep it simple.  So we’ll say NERD ALERT at this point.  If you’re interesting in learning a bit more about how it has an impact on our weather, read on.



You normally see high pressure associated with fair weather.  This is because high pressure systems involve sinking air, as opposed to rising air in centers of low pressure.  That’s why areas of disturbed weather often are mentioned with areas of low pressure.  You’ll also notice the lines on the image above.  This isobars (lines of equal pressure) signify upper air patterns as well.  We’re going to be under an “omega block” high over the next several days.  You see how the lines around the big red area in the middle form in the omega shape?  I told you it was a nerd alert.

Midwest_Temps Euro (7)

The simple part of it?  Warmer and drier air for us.  Those 60s and 70s off to our southwest will eventually move into our area and warm us up in the next several days.


I’m looking forward to teeing it up this weekend, I don’t know about you.  Hope you’ve got a way to enjoy.  Have a good Tuesday!



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