Target: Transgender customers can use restroom that matches their gender identity

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Target said Tuesday that transgender customers at its stores are welcome to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, the latest corporate reaction to a wave of legislation seen by critics as anti-LGBT.

“We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the retailer said. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.”

State legislatures around the U.S. have in recent months debated proposals that would force individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

The governor of North Carolina signed such a bill in late March. Mississippi has passed a related law that critics say allows discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

In Minnesota, where Target is headquartered, a Republican state senator has proposed a bill that would restrict access to restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms based on the “biological sex” of individuals.

Many major corporations are fighting against the “bathroom laws,” saying they discriminate against both employees and customers.

In a statement, Target said that it had considered how the legislation could affect its business, guests and team members.

“Given the specific questions these legislative proposals raised about how we manage our fitting rooms and restrooms, we felt it was important to state our position,” the company said.

Reactions to Target’s announcement were mixed.

“That means I won’t be using your bathrooms or dressing rooms in the future,” said one commenter from Indianapolis. “May have to rethink some other things too.”

“Thank you, Target!” said another customer.

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  • Kevin Rahe

    It’s pretty selfish for someone to insist that the only way they can deal with their own adverse condition is to take away what others find to be good, healthy, safe and even necessary. And shame on corporations like Target who support them.

    • Necco

      It’s pretty selfish for someone to insist that the only way they can deal with their own bigotry and insecurity is to take away what most others find to be good, healthy, safe and even necessary. And shame on people like Kevin who supports them.

      • Kevin Rahe

        Why is it not selfish for people with a dysphoria to expect random members of the public to participate in their therapy unwittingly and/or unwillingly?

        • Jeremy

          How often are you participating in other people going to the bathroom? They must do it differently where you come from, because for me it doesn’t usually involve interacting with everyone else in there. If someone who spends their whole life as a woman wants to use the same restroom facility as my 5-year-old daughter, it makes a lot more sense than having them awkwardly navigate a men’s room. It’s not protecting anyone. How come grown men who AREN’T taking testosterone-blockers (and therefore have full-powered sex drives) can use the same restroom as little boys? If your argument is protection from predators, what about protecting them?

          • Kevin Rahe

            I don’t have a problem with accommodating someone who is uncomfortable using facilities designated for people of their own sex. But apparently giving people the same privacy they have in their own home isn’t enough. THAT is the problem with this whole business.

            You are essentially arguing for the elimination of separate men’s and women’s restrooms altogether. If that’s your argument, then make it. If you get the majority of men and women who AREN’T confused about their “gender” to agree to use the same restroom facilities, this whole business about “transgender” individuals will fall away.

          • Andrea

            In Europe, public bathrooms aren’t typically separated into male and female; it’s all one big room. They don’t have issues with it, so why should we?

          • Kevin Rahe

            Fine, Andrea. Feel free to make that argument. But at this point in time in this country I think it would be the stone that sinks the “transgender” ship before it gets out of port, which is why no one is making it, at least overtly.

          • Michelle

            I have a problem with someone claiming to identify as female but has a penis being in the same bathroom as my daughters…

          • tamicurtis

            If the majority of sex offenders are male (statistically 95%), then my boys have had to navigate the men’s room by themselves since age 7-9, co-mingling, “unprotected” by mom, with these “hazards”. I can’t say I’ve ever been happy about standing outside the men’s room, wondering what’s taking my son so long, wondering if he’s okay, and not having any recourse other than shouting inside, “Hey hon, ya doing okay in there!?!”. What we parents of any gender children would really like is a “Family bathroom”, like at airports, where we can all go in together.

      • Robert

        Necco, are you comfortable with your 4 year old daughter going to the bathroom in front of a 62 year old man in a dress, or when she is 16 and changing in the gym locker room to have a 16 year old male next to her

      • visigothicwarrior

        “Most others” don’t support Target’s decision, most others support keeping anatomical males out of females bathrooms.

        I don’t want any guy in the bathroom with my little nieces. That doesn’t make me a bigot, and anyone who says it does, simply lacks brain power to mount a viable argument, so they use the classic Liberal Democrat’s reply to everyone that opposes them: Youre Racist/bigoted.. It’s been misused so much, no one even cares if they’re labeled a bigot, it lacks credibility now..

      • Jerry Oxendine

        Then COUNT ME IN! I would NOT be comfortable attending to my most private needs in a “coed” restroom, nor do I appreciate being forced to share these needs with those of opposite sex, or……….or……????????????? because of some mixed-up sexual differences I have nothing to do with. If it so happens that I am simply a private person who neither wants to be involved in others’ “differences”, disapproves of LGBT but will not harm, or otherwise bother, them, I will not respond to, nor be swayed by the current offensive (double entendre’ intended) for total acceptance of deviant behaviors by a minority of citizens. And furthermore, if faced with such a ridiculous situation as coed restrooms, I , along with a great number of others, will simply not go IN one! I also fear that someone will be hurt or killed when some pedophile goes in and bothers a family member or child. It has already happened withOUT such an absurd concept. Just GOOGLE it. And no rule, ordinance, or law will help the b*****. Solution? Make restrooms “single-use” facilities, like some already in place, where ONE person goes in at a time and locks the door. But, I just betcha that the LGBT crowd would scream about THAT, too. Why? Because this issue is NOT about “discrimination”, but about FORCING acceptance of their “lifestyle” on the whole populace whether they like it or not. They can’t DO that if everybody’s privacy is protected. They want to MINGLE. They want to rub our faces in it. LIke it or no, I AIN’T goin’ in such a place!

  • Samantha

    My question is why would you allow this Target?! I have a 5 year old daughter and I sure wouldn’t expose her in our correct bathrooms that say for women while a male should be in a men’s bathroom! Not only is this violating our privacy as women, but this is how pediphiles come into place!! I sure will NEVER put myself or my daughter in a bathroom that has a male in it when they should be in their own bathroom! This is what needs to happen since the law is fine with this, they need to make every public places put a UNISEX bathroom in so that way there is only 1 toilet and 1 sink and they can actually lock the door so that way they have their own privacy! Transgenders don’t belong in the opposite sex bathroom! Plain and Simple!!!!!

    • Keith Williamson

      I’m glad you used 12 exclamation points. It really got across the excited and agitated nature of your message. Like comic sans, exclamation points certainly display a level of sophistication and thought rarely seen in internet comment sections. If you’d like, you can borrow my fainting couch.

        • Keith Williamson

          Well, I wouldn’t know if said male was trans-gendered unless I was peeking into the stall. And neither I nor my wife would let her in a public bathroom unattended. Nor would I let my son in a public bathroom unattended with said male. See, men and women (regardless of what they are wearing or how they identify) can be predators. Your fear lacks common sense. This is a complete non-issue being used for political purposes.

          • Samantha

            That is fine of what you think, but next time we are at the store, I will have my husband go in the women’s bathroom with myself and my kids since you and others say that you are fine with that.

          • Keith Williamson

            Kind of an internet tough guy (gal) threat, but OK. If your husband identifies as female and wants to use the restroom while my wife and daughter are in there, OK. And I extend you the same courtesy,.. If you identify as a male and care to use the men’s room while I’m in there with my son, I’m not going to make a stink about it. Of course, being a restroom, a stink may be made, but hey… whatcha gonna do?

          • Debbie

            Maybe Keith is the pedo?now he can play dress up,peak on little girls as they go pee!Keith,shut your’re making yourself look like a totally pervert.

          • Tamara

            Thank you for your logical (and compassionate, really) responses to all these unfounded fears. It’s so refreshing to see a reasonable person in the comments section – and so rare these days. Can you imagine what would happen if some of these folks were in the women’s restroom when a woman identifying as a man walked in?

          • Debbie

            Like I said…any perv can go in and pretend to be a tranny just to get in to molest young girls.I shouldn’t have to try to remove my tampon while trying not to touch the seat full of piss.

        • WSPWH

          Oh such drama! Earlier this year 3 old men were arrested for molesting young boys in a park bathroom near me. They were married “heterosexual” men. In reality I would be more worried about my young son in a men’s bathroom with other men. Typically when our younger children go to the bathroom, an adult would go with them or wait outside the door, No, I am not worried about a trans-gendered person or someone claiming to me assaulting my child in a Target bathroom. All of this boycott Target business is ridiculous….stop using the bathroom at Target, stop shopping at Target, do what you want, they don’t care. But please stop the shock and false outrage. If you really think about is….is there a guard at the bathroom door at Target? No. What would stop a man or a man in a dress from going in there to begin with? This does not encourage sexual deviants….last i checked they were not huge followers of policies or laws, so a gender neutral bathroom policy….which they have in most other parts of the world, is not an issue for me, and it really shouldn’t for you.

          • Samantha

            WSPWH: Ppl with genitals regardless if you are a straight man, gay man, or transgender, belong in the men’s bathrooms NOT the women’s plain and simple!! I am a mom and I don’t care what you decide for your children, but for my children, my husband and I will PROTECT THEM LIKE A GOOD PARENT IS SUPPOSE TO!!!!!! So as far as Drama, this is a FAR cry from drama!!! This is a concern for us GOOD parents who actually do give a damn about our children!

      • visigothicwarrior

        You being a smug prick on the internet is more lame than her being a tough-guy, which she’s not even trying to be,.. she’s a concerned parent, at least some still exist..

        Its simply naive to think Pedophiles won’t use this to their advantage..

        Any store looking to accommodate transgendered, could do so by creating a third, unisex, or private bathroom, which would also help many disabled ppl as well..

        Shitting on one Group of people’s concerns, for the sake of another group, never ends well for the country as a whole, especially when it concerns the right to protect children.
        Cuz unless Target will do a background check on everyone entering their bathrooms now, there’s no way to enforce restrictions even the court’s have imposed on Pedophile sex offenders.. They can get around being banned from getting even close to kids playgrounds & schools, simply by shopping at Target.

        • Samantha

          Thank you so much! I think some of these people are missing the point and have a screw loose! It’s about if people choose to be whatever they want to be, but when it’s endangering our children, you are damn right, I will speak my feelings about this when I think a lot of parents forgot, that it’s up to us parents to be our child’s voice and to protect them, not put them in harms way ever! My whole fear is, that when public places go to this, it will bring in pediphiles! Are these people who are so for it, going to make sure that there is a back ground done to make sure they are not on the CSC list?! The answer is obviously not, so why would ANYBODY that has a BRAIN, want to put children in harms way?!! That was the point I was making, but CLEARLY Keith is ignorant when he is a dad himself that should be just as concerned as other parents are!

        • Dillian Thatcher

          There have only been 115 cases of kid abductions in the USA where the kid didnt know the person where person tried keeping the child. Same with pedos, its normally family or priests. around 1% is just some random person so in the numbers game, you have a higher risk dying and car accident that being fondled by some random person.

    • Charles Johnson

      Good points. The appropriate protection that someone with small children should consider is to simply not place their children in harms way by shopping at Target. Simply stay away from Target, not out of any malice, or in punishment, but as a choice to protect your Children. Only in this way will Target, and other likeminded establishments, be in a position to understand the full effects of their policies on the broader customer base. Passive acceptance only works to empower those in such organizations that seek to impose the tyranny of a minority who insists on unique rights that infringe on the majority. I only shop at stores that don’t seek to make political points in their policies. I’ve simply stopped shopping at Target for that reason.

      • Jeremy

        Exactly. And then balance that against all the people like me who will stop shopping at Target if they come out with the hate policy you want. They’re a corporation with shareholders and a fiscal responsibility to maximize those shareholders’ profits. They have lots of actuaries on staff. I guarantee they ran the numbers and decided there were fewer dollars on your side than ours. Not total dollars, mind you. While most conservatives are below-average income, the mega-rich folks who tell them what to think make up for the difference. Maybe people like me just blow what little money we have at Target. Maybe they know I’m MORE likely to shop there now that I know they are run by people who share my values. Regardless, what you said isn’t a threat. It’s exactly the way business happens, and happened.

        • visigothicwarrior

          It’s not bigotry, when known, registered sex-offender Pedophiles that are also members of the LGBT community, are chopping at the bit to be able to go into women’s bathrooms when little girls’ are in there, and if anyone protests, they try shutting them up with the “bigot” accusation..

          The only problem is that after nearly 8 yrs of the far-left trying to make drastic changes that don’t even remotely consider everyone else’s values, and have used the “racist”, and “bigot” accusations everytime anyone speaks out in protest with REAL concerns, those labels have started losing all bite.
          Mark my words, instead of attempting to force ALL stores to create third bathrooms, to accommodate transgender, and even disabled Ppl like myself, forcing drastic changes on such a large group of people that don’t agree, and with an “in your face!” attitude, is exactly why such an equal, opposite extreme is developing on the right side of the voting lines..

          Failure to compromise, especially on such a huge issues, will see rises of extremist groups to the left and right, and inevitably will tear the country apart, this time worse than the 1860’s..

          On issues of morality, faith, and the right to protect your family, if you try marginalizing people on those issues,’s lose/lose for everyone.

        • Michelle

          You are not female and no matter what you do you will never be female…Please identify with your male reproductive system and use the male bathroom.

    • Keith Williamson

      Debbie: What are you yammering about? Make an argument, or at least some sort of coherent, founded statement.

      Tamara: I rarely comment anywhere, but this is such a ridiculous, clearly political and petty fear-mongering topic I feel it is my duty to at least try to dispel some of the garbage.

          • Samantha

            No one is doing any accusations! We are stating the truth that this is how pediphiles come into place. You can expose your kids to whatever you want, but as for my husband and my children, we will never put them in harms way! And fourth one, men with genitals belong in the men’s bathrooms! What point are you missing Keith because I think we have been VERY CLEAR about the truth!

          • Keith Williamson

            Now, Samantha… I wasn’t speaking directly to you. Debbie made accusations that I was a pedo and pervert… I was merely suggesting that wasn’t helpful or founded. As for your concerns, just a little clarification. A pediphile is someone with a foot fetish. A pedophile is one who preys on children. If you’re going to argue, at least know your pejoratives. And again, have a nice day.

          • Debbie

            Keith my point is,you are O.K with a pervert in the same bathroom as your daughter?NOW JUST ANY TRANNY CAN GO IN AS THE SAME BATHROOM AND MESS WITH YOUR DAUGHTER.ENJOY.

    • Samantha

      How are we bigot and close minded? Do you have children? If you do, then you would CLEARLY understand why we feel this way! That is what UNISEX bathrooms are for!

      • Necco

        Oh, Samantha, you dolt… You’re ALREADY going into the bathroom with trans people and you never even know it. They’re not interested in you or your spawn. They just want to pee and get as far away from bigots like you as possible.

        • Samantha

          Then piss and shit in their own bathroom!!! They don’t need to go in the women’s bathroom to piss and shit! They can go right on the men’s to do that! You are so ignorant!!

          • MV

            A person born a man but who looks 100% a female….they should use the men’s room? This will keep your kids safe?

          • Sam

            Samantha and others, I’ve got news for you – we are actually all on the same side of this issue, we’re simply looking at it the wrong way. We ALL want to protect our children from predators, wouldn’t you agree? That is the bottom line and we all agree on this (unless we happen to be one of the predators). The misunderstanding many have is that they think all LGBT people are predators and that is simply not true. There is a certain percentage of our population who are predators and the rest are normal people whether they are LGBT or not and they would never dream of endangering a child. I think the single-occupancy restrooms are the right idea, then everyone can go where they wish. I don’t know what to do about locker room situations or people who just want to run everyone else’s life.

        • Sarah Sue

          Honestly, I think that’s a good point. I am extremely conservative, and personally, I’m not too concerned about using bathrooms with transgendered people. Like said above, they have been sharing bathrooms with us all along. What I AM concerned about is the sick people who will take advantage of and abuse these ridiculous policies to harass, assault, or play “jokes” on people and children who are just trying to use the bathroom in peace. Anyone who thinks that lewd men, sex offenders, or teenage boys who think they are hilarious won’t use these policies to harass, assault, or play pranks on average people is an idiot. And now, I as a parent, will be unable to send my child into a Target bathroom alone until they are probably 18 years old, especially my daughter. Additionally, if Target and other businesses remove the Men’s and Women’s signs on restrooms and replace them with gender-neutral signs, this will create mass chaos and confusion for restroom use. I think the average person, if he or she were honest, really would rather use the restroom with the rest of his or her gender (or gender they “relate” to). If there aren’t any gender specific signs on the restrooms anymore, then people will be “forced” to use restrooms together like non-gender herded cattle. Is that really what the “average” person wants? I highly doubt it. I doubt even transgender people would enjoy that. #NotShoppingAtTargetAnymore

          • Dillian Thatcher

            sorry sue the numbers actually are not in your favor. Most pedo action is done by family members. There are only around 1% of those pedos that diddle random kids. You have a greater chance of getting killed in a car accident than little susie being touched in a target bathroom by a stranger.

    • Jake

      Yep, keep preaching your tolerance. Then at the same time call everyone a bigot for standing up to what they believe. Why is it ok for you to say it’s fine and then judge the people against? Please answer me, i’ll wait. You’re also one of these assholes who think every kids deserves a trophy too huh.

  • Oswaldo Ojola

    Pedophiles aren’t going to be stopped by laws such as HB2. It’s ridiculously naive to think so. A very very small number of sexual assaults occur in public restrooms by a stranger anyway. Most are perpetrated at home by someone known by the victim. The whole bathroom thing is just a red herring. It’s not a real problem at all. The real intent of these laws is to legalize discrimination. Similar to how suddenly every red state needs voter ID laws to stop the non-existent problem of voter fraud when the real purpose is to disenfranchise poor.

    • Samantha

      I didn’t realize that you can predict that! New news to me! Let me ask you a question? Would you be fine with a straight guy going into women’s bathroom? The answer is no you wouldn’t so why is it OK for a transgender to go in the women’s bathroom?! I am sorry, but I am not ever going to be fine with that regardless if you are straight, gay, bi- or transgender!

      • T

        Ignorance abounds. Worked in Child protective services for 20 years. And yes, we can predict that. Your fear, hatred, and bigotry is by far a bigger concern. Feel sorry for any child exposed to you.

        • Samantha

          Since you want to say stupid things like that, then OK! Since you are fine with this, I will start having my husband go in the women’s bathroom with myself and my 2 children and he can go ahead and use our bathroom to do his business! What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander! If you ppl think that we are discriminating against sexual orientation, so are are you when you wouldn’t be fine with my husband going in the women’s bathrooms! I don’t care how long you worked in that field, I would never put my children into harms way because of what you say! I use my common sense! There is preditors all over not just in our areas at home! But thanks for the advice that I refuse to take from you!

          • Samantha

            MV, it don’t matter if my husband presents himself as a man or a woman, he sSTILL has a penis just like your transgenders do or they a vagina! That is what you call sir a hypocrite! That it’s OK for a transgender who has a penis to go into a women’s bathroom, but it’s not OK for a straight guy who has a penis for them to go into a women’s bathroom! You just proved my point!

          • Samantha

            MV, you just proved my point! My husband has a penis just like some of the transgenders! So why is it OK for a transgender who has a penis, go into the women’s bathrooms, but my husband who has a penis can’t?! That is what you call a hypocrite!

    • Kevin Rahe

      Actually, the real intent of those who want to permit someone of any sex to use any restroom they want is to eliminate men’s and women’s restrooms altogether (as well as separate boy’s and girl’s sports, etc.) If they were intellectually honest they would at least come in the front door and argue that, rather than sneak in the backdoor with the “transgender” argument.

  • topher dean

    So can I choose my identity based on who goes in ahead of me?…wink wink…this could be a fun game! Since my kids are at risk of sickos in the bathroom, my dollars will be safe from Targets registers!

  • Sean

    This is not about bigotry. It is about the right to privacy. The right to privacy applies to everyone in society, and it therefore supercedes the right of a few members of society to “feel comfortable”. There is no such thing as a right to feel comfortable anyway, that is simply a fringe benefit that comes from everyone respecting privacy rights, which in this country are based on physical characteristics, not mental characteristics.

    If Target really wanted to do something progressive (rather than trying to simply piggyback a PR stunt on the back of a hot button issue) it would hire a contractor, take out the two large male and female bathrooms, and install six or seven individual use unisex bathrooms instead. That would make everyone happy! It isn’t like they can’t afford to do that, either. But no, they would much rather try using this to benefit themselves rather than their customers.

    • Kevin Rahe

      Actually, it apparently wouldn’t, at least according to the Michigan State Board of Education, which says that making a private facility available to “transgender” students shouldn’t be the “only option” offered to them. I don’t know why having the same privacy one has in their own home is not adequate. Apparently the need is for those of the opposite sex to provide such persons with therapy, unwittingly and/or unwillingly.

      • Sean

        No, see you aren’t offering a seperate facility for transgender people. You are offering one option, the same option, for everyone. Once you offer the same bathroom to everyone there can be no discrimination claims, no claims of “discomfort”.

        It is a pointless argument anyway, because people are not going to tolerate this idiocy anymore. They will just stay away from the business until it changes or folds. it isn’t like Target is the best place to shop anyway. Same crap up the road at WalMart, Meijer, TJMaxx/HomeGoods, etc, etc, etc….

        • Kevin Rahe

          But that’s not what Target is after. They’re trying to get affirmation for showing support to an oppressed minority, and going to all single-user restrooms wouldn’t do that. Only helping such persons obtain affirmation for their own feelings – which happens when they use facilities designated for the opposite sex – will do that.

  • Samantha

    MV, you just proved my point! Why is it OK for some of these transgenders who have a penis, go into the women’s bathroom, but my husband who also has a penis, can’t? It don’t matter if my husband is straight, he has a penis just like some of these transgender! You are a hypocrite! My husband goes in the men’s bathroom being he has a penis and so should the transgenders who also have a penis! I don’t care how they dress!

  • Samantha

    MV, you just proved my point! A lot of these transgenders have a penis just like my husband has a penis! If my husband does not belong into women’s bathrooms, then why is it fine for the transgenders?! Just because my husband does not dress like a woman , but yet they all have penis’! That is what you call being a hypocrite!! That is why I said what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander! You let the transgenders use the women’s bathrooms, then you better let every male use the women’s bathrooms!

  • bonniebengal

    I’m not concerned about actual transgendered people in the women’s bathroom. I’m concerned about the men who will pretend to be transgendered in order to prey on women and children.

  • Dhea

    The absolute only problem I have with this is people who are not trans, could potentially pose as trans just to be a creep. I think this could pose a safety issue. Again not with the trans population, but with perverts, pedophiles, and rapists posing as such.

    • visigothicwarrior

      Look up ‘Chad Seaverance’ of North Carolina. A group he’s a member of, supports neutralizing gender separate bathrooms. He’s also a convicted sex offender, for a sex crime involving a kid..

  • visigothicwarrior

    So to hell with women who have PTSD from being Sexuality assaulted in the past, that have anxiety attacks being in close proximity to strangers of the opposite sex in personal settings like bathrooms..

  • Kevin Rahe

    If someone finds their body to a curse instead of a blessing, even when it’s completely healthy, shouldn’t we try to help them rather than agree with them?

  • Samantha

    MV, you just proved my point! If my husband who has a penis is not welcomed in the women’s bathroom, then why are th transgenders who also some have a penis are welcomed in the women’s bathroom?! That is what you call being a hypocrite! Let’s get one thing straight, the transgenders CHOSE to change themselves as a male or a female! They were NEVER born that way! So since was their CHOICE to want to change their sex, then go in their own bathroom of their own sex NOT in the opposites sex bathroom!

  • Samantha

    MV, you just proved my point! If my husband is not allowed in the women’s bathroom when he has genitals, then why is it fine for a transgender when some of them have genitals?! That is what you call being a hypocrite! Just remember, it was a CHOICE the transgender’s made when they DECIDED to try to change their sex! They were NEVER born that way! So the way I feel is then it’s a CHOICE they made so they need to go in their own bathroom and not the opposite sex bathrooms!

    • visigothicwarrior

      I love how every supporter of Target, on this thread, are ALL apparently too stupid to hold an intelligent debate. Instead of meeting us with facts to assure us Pedophiles & perverts in general, won’t use this rule change to sexually assault, molest, or photograph anyone, they simply try to use the meaningless “bigot” accusation. Newsflash, the accusation of ‘bigot’, is as meaningless today as being called ‘racist’.
      Ten years ago, sure anyone of us would have hated being called either, and tried to prove otherwise.. But today those two words have been Progressive-Liberals’ SOLE answer to anyone that disagrees with them, when they can’t win the argument with facts. So now basically we just don’t give a flying ‘…..’.

      In the meantime, if AND WHEN a sex offender does use these new, insane rule changes to hurt someone, hopefully it’s only the family members of Target’s supporters who negatively suffer.
      Cuz while it sucks when anyone’s hurt, it’s even worse when someone’s hurt that fought to prevent just such an attack..

  • visigothicwarrior

    Its not them, it’s Pedophiles supporting this new change, that make this dangerous. ‘Chad Seaverance’ of North Carolina, is a prime example.
    We’ve separated bathrooms by anatomical sex, for just such people who will use this to their advantage.. Cuz from the sound of it, anyone can now say they feel like a woman today, and are more comfortable using girls bathroom.

    You gonna guarantee the safety of every child?

    If, God forbid, a child gets Sexually assaulted by a member of the opposite sex, who used this new bathroom rule change, I hope it’s not the child of anyone opposed to this new rule. It’s horrible enuff when a child is harmed, but for those who stood against this stupidity for the sake of their children, it would be an even bigger travesty.

  • Rose

    As of today, I will not longer be using the Target restrooms because I will not be shopping at Target. We have a large family and every wedding and baby event is registered at Target. I’m glad I heard the news before purchasing my baby and wedding gifts for this month. I have just as much right to NOT shop at Target as the man who “feels” like a woman and thinks he has the right to use the woman’s restroom.

  • AmazedHuman

    Done shopping at Target. It’s going to be up to the public. If they are stupid enough to shop at a store with a policy like this, it won’t go away. But if they use some sense and don’t shop at any of them, and realize it’s time to stop the insanity, the stores will lose so much business, this garbage will cease. As it must. This is just dangerous! Nothing but asking for a lot of trouble. And you know it will happen.

  • Samantha

    Thank you! I think some people are so ignorant that they can’t comprehend any of that! I can’t believe this is even a debate when males and females have never belonged in each other’s bathrooms, so what I am not understanding is what makes the transgenders special.

  • LisaV

    The concern that I have in this whole issue is the opportunity this opens for people (non trans-gender) with bad intentions to now hang out in the opposite bathroom now that it’s acceptable . . . to get their rocks off – a predator’s paradise. I wouldn’t feel comfortable, if I had small children I wouldn’t feel comfortable, if I had a high school aged daughter I wouldn’t feel comfortable. The whole thing just seems like a bad situation waiting to get worse.

  • Sunshine

    This is a reason why I will never shop or support target. They don’t think before they react. So this means we should be able to carry guns and knives on us when someone dresses up just to go in the women’s restroom. It opens doors for nasty phedphiles. I have a 2 year old. Don’t think that I won’t protect her. So all stores should have single bathrooms so this stupidity doesn’t have to happen.

  • Terry Brady

    This is an easy fix! Target has a bathroom off to the side for “family’s”. Transgender folks can use that one! There is NO WAY to keep perverts, child predators and criminals out of the “gender” friendly bathrooms. I give Target my business every week. I spend a lot of money there. Unless they change their policy…. I WILL shop elsewhere.

  • JadedInSanDiego

    Seeing as how transgender people in society number among a tiny portion of less than one percent of the population- I am continually astonished as to why we, as a society, continue to endure legislation that disregards the opinions and concerns of the many in favor of kowtowing to the opinions and concerns of what are absolutely the very, very few. We as a nation have trampled upon 4000 years of universally-accepted societal norms to accommodate the 5% or so of the population who are homosexual in our supposed “redefining” of marriage. And now this.

    My wife’s comment to me upon hearing this story about Target and their restroom debacle was straight to the point. She told me that the day is likely coming that I will just have to go into a public restroom with her if and when she needs to use one. And since I am a heterosexual white male who does not identify as transgender, multi-gender, or non-gender, I will likely be faced with legal charges seeing as how I will have trespassed a public female restroom facility without any “sanctioned justification” to do so.

    This is the kind of mindlessness that grips a society when it’s members choose to be defined by what’s below their belts rather than by what’s above their collars.

  • Deerjerkydave

    Is Target going to ask to see the birth certificates of a men entering the little girl’s room? Nope. In other words these rules give all men, including male predators, the green light to hang out in women’s bathrooms.

  • Vernon

    Once again, for those of you who don’t understand this issue:
    People do not have the right to go to the bathroom in comfort. They have the right to go to the bathroom in private.
    In the US that means at the very least that group bathrooms are segregated according to the physical equipment you have.

  • Shiloh's Mom

    Bottom line is if you’ve got the twig and berries down there, stay the hell out of the woman’s bathroom until you are “woman” enough to cut them off.

  • henrymbowmann

    People may agree with the gender neutral use of bathrooms and changing facilities now, but when perverts and voyeurs begin to exploit this law and video of your wife, daughter, or granddaughter winds up on the Internet, will you still agree with it?

  • Jake Danger

    I note that Facebook now offers 71 gender choices. In order to allow everyone to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with, every public establishment would have to install 71 bathrooms. Is this what’s coming next?

  • shirley

    Traget neexs to be up front and fair and concerned for all customers… change the bathroom signs to reflect their usage and spoken rules. Label them unisex and gender neutral so everyone is informed correctly. The universal sign for women or men is decieving.. be honest Target.

  • Deborah

    Transgender people need to use a private, single stall bathroom. All businesses should required to provide such bathroom labeled “alternative” which transgender people are.

  • Joe Wilson

    Let me ask the woman if they mind that a man uses their restroom. As a man I don’t have a problem with a woman using a mens room and look forward to it. Ladies please speak up.

  • AnnoyedMom

    Yes … the bathrooms in our homes are unisex but one person goes in at a time and the door is closed .. it’s call privacy. I take my young sons (7 and 11) into the women’s bathroom with me (even though they squawk about it because they identify as males) but it gives me a great sense of security to know that they aren’t alone. Well now they can use the mens room at Target and I will go in there as well to continue to make sure they are ok. Hope the guys at the urinal are ok with my walking right on in … standing there right behind the urinals waiting for my boys. I’m also going to use this stupidity to my advantage at the next baseball game I attend and the women’s line is out the door. I’ll waltz right into the mens room and voila! No waiting on lines anymore. Thanks .03 percent of the population for making the 99.97 percent of us yield to your need. Next .. I think we should do something about traffic lights for the 8% of the population that’s color blind. How safe can that be? (and what other crazy shit can we think up?)