Frankly Speaking: Below Average Temps Continue

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Good morning!  Yesterday was very damp and cool, but the severe weather we experienced a couple of days ago was long gone.

The largest hail we received the other day was golf ball sized, but there areas in central Kansas that received baseball sized hail and even larger!

If you’re looking for a comparison to what that actually feels like when it hits you, and why so many cars/homes get damaged, here’s a great comparison to how much force is actually generated by falling hail!

This video, from about ten minutes where I grew up, was taken yesterday at KCI airport in Kansas City, MO.


It’s all part of this very impressive storm system that has been moving through the Plains states the last 24 hours.  Several tornado warned storms occurred as well yesterday evening and overnight.


A common springtime setup, this is one of the reasons this area is dubbed “Tornado Alley.”  For us in West Michigan though, we’ve got nothing severe on the horizon.  In fact, it’s very chilly this morning, with near freezing temperatures in many locations.

RPM 1 (1)

Expect a sunny and dry day today, as Future Track shows that rainfall remains well off to our southwest during the daylight hours today.

Garry AM Dayplanner (1)

We’ll eventually hit 60 this afternoon with a lot of sunshine.  This is still about 5 degrees below normal for this time of year, though.  We’ll gain a degree on the “average” high temperature every 2 days or so as we march toward summertime.

RPM 2 (1)

Scattered showers move through overnight into the early morning hours.  While this may not look like much, I think they’ll spread a little bit further north as well, so don’t pay as much attention to the location at this moment.

RPM 3 (1)

Expect to keep that umbrella handy during the day as well, as more scattered showers are possible throughout the remainder of the day before eventually tapering off overnight.  No severe weather is expected, as I mentioned, but you may hear a rumble of thunder at some point during the day Thursday.

Garry Rainfall Totals

Rainfall totals through Friday morning look like they’ll range from a quarter to half an inch, with some isolated higher totals possible.  Don’t expect a completely rainy day, but it will definitely be on the dreary side with highs in the upper 40s.  Have a great Wednesday!






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