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Mom accidentally packs Four Loko in high school daughter’s lunch

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Georgia mother was trying to recover from an embarrassing mistake recently after she accidentally packed an alcoholic beverage in her high school daughter’s lunch.

Mckenzie Strange, a 17-year-old junior told Buzzfeed she opened her school lunch Monday to find her mom had accidentally packed a Four Loko for her to drink.

Confused by her mother’s choice, Strange contacted her mom to find out what happened.

“I texted my mom about it and she couldn’t believe the mistake she made; she was half asleep when packing my lunch and thought it was a Peace Tea,” Strange told Buzzfeed.

Mckenzie said the drink belonged to her brother and was in a refrigerator her family doesn’t often use.

Mckenzie tweeted about the mistake: “so my mom packed me a four loko for lunch …”

Her tweet included a photo of the drink and her conversation with her mom.

The tweet quickly went viral. As of Wednesday morning, Mckenzie’s post had been retweeted more than 96,000 times.

Mckenzie said she got rid of the alcoholic beverage before she got to school.

“I’m just blessed to have a great mom that does lots for me,” Mckenzie told Buzzfeed.

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  • foodiechick23

    Oh hush Carrie. Yes she’s old enough to make her own lunch, but I’m sure the mother likes too. Yes she made a mistake but who doesn’t. I bet her daughter has to get ready for school and probably wears makeup. That being said her mom probably makes her lunch to save her time…

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