‘Prank’ leads to criminal charges; nearly half of seniors to miss graduation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OSCEOLA, Ark. -- Nearly half the students of an Arkansas senior class will miss their high school graduation, and some are facing criminal charges, after a prank failed to amuse administrators.

"(There was) a lot of stuff on the floor," said student Jamieon Anderson. "It was a little spray paint, but it wasn't much."

It was all part of the prank Anderson and his classmates pulled.

They didn't have any pictures to share, but they said at least 37 students went into Osceola High School Sunday and dumped trash and water. Other people pulled out spray paint cans.

One student even admitted to peeing in a classroom, and someone apparently let some crickets free too.

"They are saying there was some crickets hopping around, but I don't know who did the cricket," said Anderson. "They say someone went number two in the school and all that. None of that happened."

"We could have cleaned it up. It was just a prank," said student Andonius Burks.

Students said the administrating is buying into the rumors, and that's why they are facing such serious consequences. They said they received a five-day suspension, can't walk at graduation and are facing several criminal charges.

"It wasn't nothing you couldn't fix. It wasn't like we went to school and just broke everything," said Anderson.

WREG sent several emails to Osceola School District staff and left voicemails for the superintendent, but we have yet to hear back.

Police did tell WREG they are investigating.

"They did it. They have to suffer the consequences for that," said parent Sherrie Gaven.

While she and other parents understand their kids made a mistake, they are hoping the administration changes its mind.

"They deserve a second chance to walk across that stage," said parent Mary James.

There are around 80 students in this year's senior class.

Right now, 37, including all-star athletes and honor roll students, won't be at graduation.

"Half of our families (are) coming from out of state, and I don't know how I'm going to tell my grandma I am not walking the stage," said Anderson.

The students said seniors have been pulling pranks at Osceola High for years, but, up until now, they have never faced serious consequences.

Some seniors not involved in the prank said they may hold a protest and not show up to Friday's ceremony, either.

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  • Chad Portenga

    So, make them (all) pay for any physical damages and clean up costs and slap them with a bunch of community service hours that will actually inspire them to be better citizens (rather than just a punishment that will create resentment and teach them nothing). Better to punish them with a good learning experience to make them better people than to create a lifetime of bitterness toward authority and education.

    • Reality

      Or we can stop handing out participation trophies and let these adults (they are 18) face the consequences of their vandalism.

  • karenlvizcarra

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  • Shiloh's Mom

    They shouldn’t be able to graduate anyway because they can’t even talk right! Good Lord, get a command of the English language already!

  • Amanda Enriquez

    What’s a “secon chan”? This wasn’t a prank it was destruction of public property. How do you not see the difference? Their grammar seems too poor to have passed 12th grade english. See what happens when you just pass kids to get them out of the school and keep your funds up?

  • Jeff DeLong Duff

    Appears that this school district is teaching all of these children one final lesson….actions have consequences and no one cares if you don’t think that those consequences are fair. Destruction/defiling public property is not a prank it is a criminal act and now you have to pay that price, even if the only thing you has ta do is tell Grams that you can’t go to commencement.

  • Hal Faman

    How are these idiots even graduating. You can listen to them for 10 seconds and tell they have no education at all.

  • somywifehascancer

    “They deserve a second chance to walk across that stage”

    Um, no they don’t. One of the reasons I’m leaving teaching is because I’m thoroughly sick of this pervasive attitude that we need to give students all these extra chances. Hell, no, we don’t. Missing your high school graduation ain’t the worst thing in the world, and maybe they’ll learn that their actions have consequences.

    Stop codoling the little brats.

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