Backlash after medical marijuana dispensary opens in Barry County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ORANGEVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Some residents in a community on Gun Lake are angry about the recent opening of a medical marijuana dispensary.

They say it's not the kind of business they want around their kids, but the owner of the CDXX Boutique sees it differently.

The dispensary is 10 yards from a school bus stop and right next to a popular ice cream shop.

"Right next to the ice cream shop.  Put it anywhere else.  Anywhere else," said resident Terry Baron.  "That's just wrong.  A kid will walk in there thinking they are buying a swim suit or something and walk out with a 20 bag."

Jerry Dan Patrick, the owner of the CDXX Boutique, said it's a perfect location for his shop since there's no other medical dispensaries in the area.

"It's a passion of mine.  I think people should have medical licenses, should have safe access to quality medication that is tested and meets medical standards," he said.

Patrick says no one will be allowed inside the dispensary without a medical marijuana license.

"If you don't have a medical marijuana card you cannot come in my store and get anything, period," he said.  "There is no reason to fear anything."

Patrick says they have all the necessary licenses, insurance and legal representation they need for the shop to operate legally.


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  • Deanna

    “A kid will walk in there thinking they are buying a swim suit or something and walk out with a 20 bag.”
    If your kid can’t tell the difference between a swimsuit and a bag of weed, and if your kid has a medical marijuana card that you don’t know about, then I think your concerns are a bit bigger and more involved than the location of what is ultimately nothing but a drug store.

    • Leah

      Not just any person can walk into a place like this and buy marijuana! Only people who have a medical marijuana card! Definitely no need to worry about our children buying illegal drugs! This is all legal and only there for those who need the medication.

  • Tabbie

    I think its a great spot!! and who knows may be great for the community! Worted about their kids whem kids can get it way easier else where… they wont even be able to get it here hahaha … let alone get in the store. What if it were a new booze store would they be just as upset? Probably not. Marijuana is made out to be some terrible drug when in all reality it has been proven to help many illnesses and disorders. Good luck to this store owner and keep doing what you love! Who are we to tear down someones dreams? Look at the casino … casinos are known to break up families ruin lives if abused. yet look how much it is helping the community:) !!! Its all how its handled..

  • Jonathan Galt

    Really? They think a kid can go in there and buy cannabis? Let that place run its business in peace. This is a completely legit business. They aren’t going to ruin their business by selling cannabis to non-card holders. I would be more worried about transgender bathrooms now at Target.

  • Dominic G Accardi

    Dear country folk, ONE CARES if you don’t like it being there. This is America and as you all love to tell us with you bumper stickers and the guy your going to vote for its a free country… SO you don’t get to change the rules if you don’t like something,

  • Aisling

    LOL Terry Baron, stupidest comment I’ve read all month. Children can’t buy pot anymore than they can cigarettes or beer.

  • Joe Bidden

    I think the real problem is those people complaining were probably selling weed out of their trailers and now he is drawing business away from them.

  • David

    It amazes me how ignorant the uneducated can be. Just because you assume the worse doesn’t mean it will happen. Educate yourself on the subject you are against. Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to put yourself at ease.