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Mother says group attacked kids at park, then vandalized her home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- An alleged assault between children at a park led to a swarm of people vandalizing a Grand Rapids home.

Jenna Gray says her two children were assaulted Monday evening at Lincoln Park.  When she took them home, she says the group followed them.  In a video she recorded, you can see them throwing rocks and taunting her family.

"I called 911 and I asked for the ambulance because she [one of her children] had lost feeling in her legs so I was scared to death that she had a spinal injury at that point," Gray said.

Both of her daughters, ages 10 and 7, were taken to the hospital for bone fractures and some bumps and bruises.

It wasn't over there, though.  Gray says the group of children returned Tuesday with adults, many their parents, and did even more damage.

"At that point, the girls started throwing rocks, bricks, objects to the point where they broke my window. [They] split my door frame down the middle to my front door trying to get in to my property... my 10-year-old-called 911 at that point," she said.

Gray's neighbor took a video of the Tuesday incident.

"Lots of yelling; the girls were swearing.  They were mean, telling the mom to come outside and take it like an adult," the neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

Gray said the only time police officers responded was the initial fight on Monday where the kids were hurt.

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  • Justme

    Seems to be these type of people only understand bullets. So bullets it should be. World would not be losing much. In fact, we’d all be better off I bet. They are just a drain on resources.

  • Bob

    Where were the police, busy taking bias training? When someone calls the police they should go every time they are called in a timely manner.
    I am not sure it’s the actual police officer fault or the new dispatching system done by non-police department employees.

    • Steve

      I disagree. The thing to do here is #1, provide a safe location for your children to live. That means you have to move. But I would not do so without calling every news outlet in the area and posting the entire ordeal on YouTube so that the world knows that you have to move because the GRPD is not doing its job in protecting the citizens of this city.

      Face it, the violence here in Grand Rapids is beyond the ability of this police department to control. Don’t misunderstand me, violence here is not as bad as a lot of cities this size, and I am not saying that it is. What I am saying is that the violence we do have is beyond the ability of our police department to control. I knew hiring Rahinsky would end this way, and I said so at the commission meetings. I urged the city to hire the man with experience, but they hired the man with GR power-elite connections instead. Now we have a city trying to draw people in, a city trying to grow and promote itself as a great place to live. But underneath all of that promotional whitewashing is a city badly, desperately, in need of some really important things. Adequate law enforcement is one of those things. Everyone who lives here knows that, even if they are unwilling to say it in public.

      Mobs openly attacking little girls, for whatever reason, is simply unacceptable. Saginaw, Flint, Detroit, even Chicago doesn’t have mobs attacking little girls. That is a level of barbarism not commonly seen outside of central Africa. To not respond to a 911 call is to aid and abet the mob, and should be considered a criminal act. Summer is not even upon us yet. It is going to get worse. A lot worse. The GRPD does not have the time or the resources to prepare itself for it any better than they already are, and the chief of police does not have the knowledge or experience to know what to do about it. It is going to be truly ugly this summer, and I am not looking forward to seeing it. Good people, children, are going to die needlessly simply because the city wanted to continue its legacy of cronyism, and the only way it is going to change is if we show the world exactly what kind of city Grand Rapids really is by documenting it. The city can deny that violence is getting worse, and they can deny their inability to address it until the cows come home, but they can not do so if the proof is online for all to see.

  • Jay

    If we were more community-based we would no longer have these problems this is what happens when you rely on someone else to take care of your responsibilities police are only here to steal money from the people for the 1% 100% fact the only people police save is themselves also a 100% fact police do not have to keep track of the homicide they commit 9/11 claim just under 3000 lives in this year alone 2016 the police have killed 1000+ in the USA so I asked my fellow people who are the real terrorist ? in all 50 states all that information is voluntarily about how Many people police kill How can we fix the system that doesn’t keep track of the crimes it commits this is not a new problem is been a problem since the beginning of the police if you look back to the history of why gangs started was to protect their communities because the police were willing to come in to black and brown communities to help so we had to help ourselves and it worked great until drugs popped on the scene Aka crack but I’m sure some uneducated thug came up with an idea. Right? And all you people out there wishing violence and death to other people that you don’t even know I hope karma gets you with your ignorant unsympathetic garbage that comes out of your mouth My god open your eyes

    • Steve

      I am not entirely certain what you are saying, Jay, as your lack of punctuation and sentence structure make what you wrote incredibly hard to understand, but it sounds like you are advocating vigilantiism.
      I would disagree with you on that, and argue that such actions would only succeed in making it harder to distinguish between good guys and bad guys.

      That said, I am fully in support of both self-defense and coming to the defense of others whose lives are in imminent danger. And if you don’t feel the need to stick around afterwards long enough to explain your actions to the police when (if) they do show up, that is your perogative. But these are responsive acts, whereas vigilantiism is proactive and preemptory.

    • Diane Wisman

      Exactly who are “you people”. Why is it so easy for you to determine “fact” that police do not keep track of the homicides; fact…police are only out for themselves, and fact…you’re an idiot comparing the loss of lives from a terroist attack compared to police shootings through out the nation. The amount of unjustifiable police shootings is almost mute compared to the black on black shootings in the inner cities. Your opening sentence summed it up “if we were community based”; however, you blamed the police and you blame the right, and there was no blame on the community. No one is wishing violence and death to people they don’t kno
      w…..except…well, the very people you aren’t mentioning…wait, yo did. Thugs.

  • Stacy

    Thank you FOX 17 for bringing this situation to the public. Now we need everyone who sees this group to call the police, they are obviously to immature to be without supervision. I do not know age kids can babysit or stay at home alone, without looking it up, but maybe that needs to be raised. Criminal charges and CPS need to be involved. Shame on the police!!! After what happened there Monday then not responding Tuesday (you already know the situation, 2 kids to ER), shame on you!!!!

  • Barb

    There needs to be an investigation into this….where are the authorities…..not protecting the citizens obliviously!

  • Nikki

    These children need serious discipline and if the parents won’t do it somebody else does. The parents also need to be held accountable for not only their children’s actions but their own. Now if one of these children were shot due to them trying to enter the home or in self defense the cops & people would be up in arms. On top of that her daughters have fractures because of these kids HELL NO that’s assault.

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