Surveillance photo shows home invasion suspects

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TALLMADGE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Ottawa County Sheriff is looking for two suspects in a home invasion this past weekend.

The incident happened about 4:00pm Sunday at a home in Tallmadge Township.  The home owner has security cameras installed and caught some very good images of the suspects.

Surveillance photo from home invasion in Tallmadge Twp.

Surveillance photo from home invasion in Tallmadge Twp.

Deputies say that the two suspects forced their way in through a rear door and stole several items.  The victims were not home at the time.

Anyone with information should call Silent Observer at 1-877-88-SILENT.



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  • michaeljmcfadden

    If it wasn’t so sad it’d be funny: Both of them seem to be concerned about leaving fingerprints in that image, meanwhile paying no attention to an amazingly hi-def security camera. They’ll probably both be getting knocks on their doors before the weekend. I tend to have a lot of Libertariain-leaning reservations/suspicions/concerns regarding government-connected camera systems, but as a private tool in the hands of citizens for fighting crime they’re probably more helpful than guns in today’s world.

    – MJM

  • Andrew

    Ha! These guys might as well have left their IDs on the kitchen counter. Boys, you are going to jail. Turn yourselves in now and you might be out in time for Christmas.

  • John Q Homeowner

    I wonder if these boys know about the Castle doctrine law.
    Breaking into someone’s home is extremely dangerous.
    For a change, the law gives the victims the legal advantage in home defense.