Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Girl pulled from hot car in Walmart parking lot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Police say a 2-year-old girl is expected to make a full recovery after she was pulled from inside a hot car in a Walmart parking lot on Saturday.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office said the call came in around 6:20 p.m. at the Walmart on Alpine Avenue in Alpine Township.

Deputies said the little girl was in the back seat of the running car, appeared very sweaty with a red face and was unable to be woken up at first.

Authorities were forced to break through the car window to retrieve the little girl. It’s unclear how long the child had been in the car. She was taken to the hospital and treated for heat exhaustion.

The child’s grandmother was found shopping inside Walmart. The case has been referred to Child Protective Services and authorities have requested criminal charges be filed.

Google Map for coordinates 43.036397 by -85.694383.

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    What is the law concerning a citizen breaking a car window to save a child or pet?
    I think i would video the situation, call 911, wait 3-5 minutes and then break the window regardless and let the chips fall where they may-

    • Mitch F.

      Or they could do the polite thing and use the store’s intercom system to page “the owner of a (color and car type) with license plate #XXXXX” to the front of the store where the police can address the issue without doing property damage. Provided the person in the car is not showing signs of distress/heat stroke, of course. Even in this scenario though, I’d not give them more than 5 minutes to show up.

      • Commonsense

        A probability of having a non-functioning brain was the case here when granny left the child in a locked and running car. Unfortunately, granny is probably 30 years old and the 15 year old mommy is off finding the next daddy making more. No doubt trash from the felon neighborhood commonly known as York Creek.

        • Mitch F.

          Yeah, they updated the article with that new info (which they probably got from WOOD’s website) after I posted. That being the case, absolutely break the window and get to that kid! I am also in favor of pressing charges, and would direct CPS to do a full investigation into the mother’s fitness, because she is the one who decided it would be ok to leave her kid with this woman.

        • Kelly

          The mom happens to be 45 years old and was out of town working a benefit for the Flint Water Crisis. The child was left with 3 family adults. Grandma was in Walmart getting her insulin and milk for the child. You are an AH for speculating these things. Although grandma made a bad decision, she is old enough to be a great grandmother if not a great great grandmother so keep your little white trash pipe dream to yourself.

      • Traci Boothe

        Meanwhile, in that 3-5 minute range looking for owner of car the child dies? I’ll take my chances and break the window,

      • Jessie

        I don’t get it!! Never in a million years would one of my 9 grandchildren be out of my sight for a minute if I was babysitting them. I am constantly aware of their whereabouts and their needs. I am always afraid that something would happen to them in my care. How would I face my child if I was careless with their child. Not to mention they are the love of my life and I would just as soon be dead myself as something happen to one of them. How does a grandmother go shopping forgetting her grandchild is in the car. How does that happen? I’m sorry but I will never understand it., I have 4 children who, when growing up, were in the car with me whereever I went and I certainly didn’t leave them there while I went somewhere else. I am just happy this poor little thing was discovered before it was too late. Thank God for that and what is wrong with people questioning whether a window should be broken. Of course it should have been and bless the people who were smart enough to do so. This is a child and I am sure Grandma is happy the window was broken as well. If it was me they could wreck the entire car if it meant saving my grandchild. A car is only a thing and replaceable. How do you replace a child?? You can’t!!

  • George Buzzell

    Break in to the car, really, all they had to do run a check on the license plate and go in the store and locate the parents or mother, besides, it was only in the 60,s Saturday, not hot like in the summer time, jsssh !

    • Jessie

      Hey Georgie..are you freakin’ nuts???? Maybe the child would be dead by the time they went in and paged the grandmother. To hell with the window!! Who reahlly cares? As long as the child is ok the window can be replaced. Are you for real?? Are human beings really this materialistic to think of the window before a child’s life. Wow.

  • Lynn

    If the child wasn’t old enough to unlock the car him/herself, then the child shouldn’t have been left alone in the car in the first place. This parent should be ashamed. And, I’m in total agreement of breaking the window, maybe the parent will think twice next time leaving the child in the car. I hope there were charges pressed, too.

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