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Dr. Bitner- Dry Eye of Menopause

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Menopause can be bad enough with hot flashes and weight gain, but when dry, scratchy, irritated, and red eyes come into play, it's time to consider healthier options.

The condition called “Dry Eye of Menopause” is a common complaint of women over 50.

Women talk and ask about it, but there are no clear answers as to why they get it or what to do about it.

Dr. Diana Bitner is a specialist in women's health and a recognized specialist in menopause.

To make an appointment, call (616) 267-8225.

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  • mariajasminefreeman

    I am not surprised at the mention about eye trouble in menopause. While I was absolutely free of any allergies, in my v long-lasting menopause, I would have, during the flash surge, severe redness, until the flash is over, ending up in profuse tears. At times I would out of the blue, find a painless and otherwise asymptomatic blood spot over my sclera which would resolve over few days. Frequently I would feel like my eyes were acutely stung or they would feel gritty or itchy, while amidst a hot flash, vanishing with flash proclamation.
    Estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) is present in different parts of the eye, so estrogen depletion makes a negative effect in that organ, and in that framework some studies found evidence of the effectiveness of estrogen eye drops as treatment, however systemic absorption was very significant!
    Moreover, since estrogens are present in our brains, depletion of those, causes a negative impact leading to meting messages from there to all our body parts, of itching, pain, biting, prickling and burning sensations-even in the rectum and vagina, and gritty eyes included!!

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