Video released in chase and shootout on US-131

Tribute on the Grand announces acts, dinner on Gillette Bridge

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - You may think U2 wouldn't play at Ah-Nab-Awen Park in downtown Grand Rapids, but Tribute on the Grand will be bringing in the next best thing.

L.A.vation - U2 Tribute Band

L.A.vation - U2 Tribute Band

L.A.vation, a U2 tribute band will be playing in downtown Grand Rapids on September 10.  Opening for "U2" will be Free Fallin' - a Tom Petty tribute band.  Other local bands will also perform.

The entire Tribute on the Grand Event is free, and proceeds go to Grand Rapids Whitewater, the organization that is leading the restoration of the rapids to the Grand River.

Sponsors participating in the event will also be invited to a Founders Beer Pairing Dinner on the Gillette Bridge.  If you are interested in being a sponsor of the event, contact Samantha Hendricks at Founders Brewing.

Proceeds from the purchase of Founders Palm Reader beer, which was specially made for this event, will go to Grand Rapids Whitewater.


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  • Vince

    U2 AND Founders beer in one place?
    A viscious assault on two of your senses at the same time?
    Why not hold the event on a city bus so that your sense of smell and touch can be assailed as well?
    Hold it during ArtPrize and you will have the perfect storm of sensory destruction!

    Well, thanks for the warning any how, I will steer well clear of this!