Motorcyclist dead after crash in Byron Twp.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BYRON TWP., Mich. —  A 37-year-old woman was killed Wednesday after the motorcycle she was riding was struck by an SUV.

The crash happened just before 3:30 p.m. on Byron Center Avenue at Whistleton Street, just south of 72nd Street.  The Kent County Sheriff’s Department says a southbound SUV driving by a 41-year-old Byron Center woman turned left in front of the northbound motorcycle.

Officials have identified the motorcyclist as Jessica Ellann Whalen of Jenison.   She was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

No other injuries were reported.

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  • Victoria

    My girl Jess, was taken away from us today by some dumbass in an SUV not paying attention to anything who turned in front of her. This idiot who should not ever drive again took the life of someone much more special than the irresponsible driver that killed her could ever hope to be. I hope you rot in hell and someone being stupid and irresponsible takes the lives of those you love. I’m sure that won’t happen because you only care about yourself and have no regard for others.

    • James

      Alright I know you are very hurt right now but there’s no reason to wish harm to others. She was a fantastic person and and will be dearly missed and I think she would agree with me that there should be any harm caused to others.

    • Heavy heart for all

      Vicki, I understand you are very upset but one should know all the facts before going off on such an inhumane rant…if your friend was truly that special then she wouldn’t wish what you have upon another who did nothing but not see a cycle that was in her blind spot. Living with this will be extremely difficult for the driver and her family also. My prayers go out to all those involved. May the Lord give all of them the love, guidance and strength needed to get through this very sad Accident.

      • Tim

        The cycle wasn’t in any blind spot. The bike was traveling north when the SUV which was traveling south turned left and into the path of the bike. No blind spot but directly in front of the SUV.

      • J

        There is NO blind spot in a Yukon; nice try!!! She was at least 20-30 yards in front of the Yukon!!! She was probably texting while driving and should be in JAIL!

        • Heavy heart for all

          Tim and j
          Actually read up…everyone of us has a blind spot(s). Known fact. Google blind spot in the eyes. I was not referring to the standard vehicular blind spots inherent in some vehicles based on their design. This was taught in drivers ed…

        • Stan Randall

          Yes, Yukon does have blind spots. And all riders that survive decades riding understand this. The pillar post that supports the front of the roof is rather wide. It can obscure the relatively narrow motorcycle and the rider.

    • jojo

      you should be ashamed of yourself victoria!!! acting like that. before you run your mouth yes I deal with death everyday. so you need to say sorry for your rude comment.

      • Tricia

        You have no right telling her how she should act and feel. She has every right to be upset and angry and sad. My dad was killed on his bike because a driver wasn’t paying attention and I will assure you 8 months ago I felt the same way. People just need to pay attention while they are driving. Victoria I’m so sorry for your loss. Accidents like this should never happen. Still to this day I find myself mad at the man that swerved in front of my dad on the highway causing him to hit their car and he died from their impatience.

        • jojo

          Tricia do you know for a fact it was this drivers fault? No you don’t. I have a very hard time trusting people on here who quickly post stuff without all the facts. so . Plus some motorcyclist are to blame.

          • Tim

            If you read the reports it’s been stated, “Police told 24 Hour News 8 that the motorcyclist was heading northbound in the curb lane when a southbound GMC Yukon turned left in front her”. RIF (reading is fundamental).

    • Rebecca

      Victoria I know the woman that hit your friend. She is the most wonderful kind hearted woman I know. She does a lot in the community and schools. She is devastated…I understand your anger but you condemning someone because of a “accident” is totally appalling! Do not sit on your high horse and act like you never pulled out in front of anyone. It happens everyday… Bashing someone is not going to change what happen. Should be showing compassion for everyone involved.

      • Tim

        I believe she probably is a good person, but in the end due to her inattentiveness she caused another innocent person to lose their life. There are going to be many people that suffer due to this lapse. The victims family and friends, the family and friends of the SUV driver, I suspect no one will ever be the same.

      • Victoria

        Wow. Are you serious? You are condoning your friend, who was so freaking worried about being late for an appointment, who essentially murderer a friend, wife, mother, sister, aunt and more than you or your friend will ever be, because she was active in her community? For real? OMFG! You are just as pathetic as she is. Now run off to your vote for Hillary convention.

    • WilliamJPoorman

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  • Dan

    I ride a motorcycle and I’m constantly beepng my horn because some driver is constantly either pulling out from their driveway without stopping, without looking first, the whole 9. The impatience and distraction on the roads have gotten out of hand. I’m very sad to hear this news. My only question according to the article was, why the motorcycles roled up on the atv as if all together and for only 1 of the bikes to be able to avoid the accident, it sounds like the motorcycle riders didn’t use the best judgement. As a rider, this is very sad. sad

  • Lbz

    Back off or Victoria she is hurting. Yea little harsh but hurt someone in my circle and it’s over. Not enough censor buttons for my mouth. Any women in a tank like suv and there are blind spots. Pay attention.