Legalize marijuana group submits 354,000 signatures to state

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A group trying to legalize marijuana in Michigan says it has submitted about 354,000 valid signatures to the state just before the deadline.

Whether the state considers that many signatures submitted Wednesday as valid remains unclear: A bill presented to Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday would stop such groups from counting signatures older than 180 days.

Current law allows them to count older signatures toward the roughly 253,000 they need to put the measure before voters. However, neither Snyder’s office nor the Secretary of State’s office would say whether the bill before Snyder would apply to the marijuana advocacy group.

Jeffrey Hank, the group’s director, says they turned in about 200,000 signatures older than 180 days. He says even if Snyder signs the bill it wouldn’t apply to them.

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  • Larry

    If this group were to bring 500,000 valid signatures to the Governor it wouldn’t mean a darn thing. It will still get shut down if the Governor wants it shut down, because that is how it works in this state.

  • Jay

    To think that we live in a free country but we can’t grow a plant that has never killed anyone we really should start to look at a lot of the laws we blindly follow that infringe on our freedom and rights we are grow adults we need to start acting like it by standing up to are government and saying no to government that is now days trying to control are day to day lives we live in America Which is supposed to mean that we able to live however we want as long as it’s not affecting someone else you know the Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness we are all granted I don’t know a lot of happy people so why not change or stop supporting a system that’s failing us. The power is with the people not government it’s time we take a country back

    • Andrew

      Two things, Jay.
      First, Freedom is not unlimited. And it is *pursuit* of happiness that citizens are guaranteed, not the *attainment* of happiness.
      Second, while what you say has weight, nobody is going to take you seriously because you write like a 3rd grader. Spelling and grammar are hard to learn, but not as hard as the complexities of Constitutional law. People are not going to give you credence when you write something about the state of society if you don’t know the difference between “are” and “our”, and can not use things like periods and commas correctly. Just look at the ridiculing that takes place of “journalists” across this country as the standards for their performance has plummeted. Where are the flagship news outlets whose integrity is unassailed? They no longer exist, as nobody has any sort of faith in journalists anymore. Not because they are untrustworthy, but because they are simply too uneducated to even do their own jobs proficiently. You should think about working on your literacy seriously, because I can tell you have a lot of good things to say, things which people need to hear. They won’t hear you though, if you can’t write properly.

  • Common Cents

    A lot of Michigan depends on tourism to survive and thrive. States that have legalized cannabis have seen a huge growth in tourism and reduction in crime. Legalizing cannabis would be absolutely beneficial to Michigan.

  • Kevin Rahe

    Is there any reason to smoke pot other than to get high? In other words, can anyone give me a reason to not have a negative view of the activity?

      • Kevin Rahe

        1. Michigan’s law doesn’t need to be changed in order to accommodate such use.
        2. I believe that the component of the drug that has medicinal benefits has recently been made available in a pill or other typical form, possibly obsoleting even laws that permit the production and distribution of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

          • Kevin Rahe

            You’re still defending what would be a very broad law with a use that is comparatively quite narrow and which would not require such a broad law to enable. Or are you suggesting that if this law were passed it would be quite reasonable for me to ask someone I witness smoking marijuana what affliction they’re trying to treat with it?

    • CR

      Who cares what your view of the activity is? Why does that even matter? Is there another reason to drink a beer other than getting a buzz? If someone chooses to do something that doesn’t harm you in any way, why does your opinion of what they are doing mean anything at all?

  • The Cold Hard Truth

    I’m sorry but everyone is missing the big picture as to why it truly is illegal in the first place. ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| Anyone who denies this fact is ignorant of the obvious truth. A truth which can easily be verified with minimal effort. Who do you guys think pays for all the anti-marijuana campaigns? Could it possibly be people who would stand to lose wealth should this harmless plant become legal? Could this truly be it? WAKE UP!!! ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y ||||||| ||||||| M O N E Y |||||||