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Road rage caught on camera, state police searching for driver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich. - A scary 'road rage' crash on the highway was caught on a driver's dash camera after he said he was brake checked.

The crash happened May 26 along westbound I-96 near Dean Lake Avenue.  The driver who crashed, Jarid Smith, told FOX 17 that investigators first believed he was at fault. However, newly released video could point to something bigger.

"I just couldn't believe that has happened, I would have never expected to just lose control like that," Smith said. "I did a 180 so I was facing traffic. I can't believe the guy didn't stop."

Smith remembers the day of the crash like any other, driving his typical morning commute along I-96 with traffic in both lanes before he rolled up on a Honda Pilot. Too close for comfort, the Honda pumped his brakes.

"The first time they got on the brakes I didn't realize they were trying to be aggressive, I just tried to slow down," Smith said. "But the second time definitely was."

After watching the viral video, Lieutenant Chris McIntire with Michigan State Police called the incident a case of road rage.

"That brake checking is what we see in road rage a lot, that's typically the cause of the road rage," said Lt. McIntire.

The video shows Smith swerving right to avoid the last of handful of brake checks before losing control and crashing into the guard rail.  Smith was not ticketed but he was found at fault right after the crash, saying he was unable to load and hand over his dash camera footage until recently.

"We got the information from FOX 17," said Lt. McIntire. "So it helps quite a bit to know who the second driver was. I guess he's a suspect in an investigation. We have the plate, which we obtained from the video, but that could have been somebody else driving."

The footage now allows police to reopen the case, find the driver of the Honda and reevaluate exactly what happened. Smith said the dash camera was well worth the investment.

"In the past I’ve had someone try and completely cut me off, get into my lane… after something like that, it’s a cheap investment," Smith said. "Unfortunately, I had to experience that but I walked out okay."

Nobody was hurt in the crash.   State Police are now re-working the case, telling us the driver of the Honda could be ticketed.

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  • Jeanne S.

    If Jarid could swerve and NOT hit someone else in the slow lane, then there is no reason the Honda could not get over. I’m really sick of drivers who think they need to “teach others a lesson” on the road. If you don’t like someone behind you, get over and get out of the way. Let them go by!

    • Common Cents

      If the driver of the Honda sees this video, he already knows all he has to do is say “it wasn’t me driving” to avoid a ticket.

      • n62

        “Then who was driving?” “Uhhhh… I don’t know” “Then you’re saying your car was perhaps stolen?” “Yeah, that’s it, my car was stolen” “Then why didn’t you report it stolen?” “Uhhhh… I don’t know”. Either he throws someone else under the bus, so to speak, or he just admits that it was him that was driving. Either way, he’s an idiot.

  • C.Caine

    A thought, STOP TAILGATING!!! I’m a truck driver, I see it every day. Have respect for each other! Your agenda is not more important than others. The brake check may not be right, but tailgating is illegal. If you lose it because of speeding, tough!

  • J.B.

    Looks like Jared was tailgating at 70 or so without the proper car length distance and did not have proper control of his vehicle…even after he was already break checked once…looks like road rage that caused an accident alright.
    by the moron who was instigating it by driving to close to a driver that already tapped the breaks once to let him know he didn’t appreciate the bumper humper….
    but did Jared get it? nooooooo…he kept right on doing it..aggressively and repeatedly….
    and now “he” is the victim…of course…what a suprise..

    • IsntItObvious

      There is actually no evidence in the video that the Honda drive was not passing the car in the right lane. It’s clear there was a car there to pass and the Honda was definitely close enough to the other car to justify being in the left lane to pass. People simply have a difference of opinion on how fast one should pass another driver.

  • Hateu

    Younger drivers especially lady’s tailgate so badly and this crap needs to stop, it’s a good way to get yourself hurt either by accident or several punishing blows to your face .. At the same time, if you’re not passing get out of the passing lane

  • Dan

    State cop did the same thing to my friend for no reason (brake check) he had just entered the highway and was getting off the next exist. Cop pulls up next to him and tells him to slow down? Wtf? WAS NOT SPEEDING AND WAS STILL IN THE SLOW LANE. But hay whatever right?… Anyways back to the post, both drivers are idiots and they should both get tickets.

  • rob

    not roadrage its called following to close and trying to pss at a high rate of speed i fault the honda driving to fast

  • Mike K.

    Honestly I don’t feel the “brake check” driver is at fault for trying to give this driver the hint. Both drivers are at fault here, though, Jared was obviously tailgating and the SUV driver was driving recklessly remained in the passing lane. Your NOT and I repeat NOT supposed to tailgate on the road regardless of what lane your in. The left lane is for passing and the right is for everyone else and YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO GO ABOVE THE SPEED LIMIT. The SUV driver could have moved to the right lane yes where they should have been in the first place, but the video shows Jared tailgating this driver repeatedly. I drive a small passenger car and always drive the speed limit but so many times do I have drivers tailgate me and then speed 10-20 mph past me on 35 and 45 mph roads here in West Michigan. Trucks and SUV drivers especially are always tailgating me with less than a car length from my rear end. Honestly I feel SUV drivers should be tested and pass training to drive those vehicles because more than not they drive so recklessly. The East Beltline alone drivers treat it like a highway and drive 65-70 mph when its a 55 mph zone. The police here in West Michigan need to monitor this bad behavior driving on everyone’s part, other states aren’t so forgiving and I don’t understand why everyone gets away with driving like this in the first place. The state should be fining both drivers and get them re-tested on road safety.

    • Talford Winstonworth

      Mike K – “I don’t feel the “brake check” driver is at fault……” “Both drivers are at fault….” Congratulations on contradicting yourself! Which one is it? He’s not at fault or both are at fault? Which one? Can’t have it both ways.

  • Jake

    Question: If ‘Jared’ had rear-ended the Honda, who would have been at fault?

    Clearly Jared could have gone around the Honda — the right lane was clear because Jared swerved into the right lane when he could not stop in time! Then Jared OVER CORRECTS and crashes his own car!

    If some idiot is following me too closely and I have to slam on my brakes to avoid an animal or whatever, how is that different than ‘brake checking” ???

    Both of these drivers were idiots. The Honda needed to move over for faster traffic, and Jared needed to back off.

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