Tips on Returning Your Leased Vehicle to the Dealer

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Leased vehicles have become a practical option for drivers who are looking to purchase a new ride but they don’t want a long-term commitment.

The biggest, and maybe the only, anxiety of a vehicle lease- if you take care of it with regular maintenance – happens toward the end of your contract, when it is time to turn the vehicle back into the dealer.

If you're nearing the end of your lease, here's some tips to help avoid fees from the car dealership:

  • If you are charged for excessive-use findings, you can contest them. If you are going to take out another lease, they will probably knock down the fees for your loyalty.
  • If you need more time to get your car in shape before turning in your lease, ask for an extension. Many large auto manufacturers have these available upon request.
  • Check out your manufacturer’s website for specific information about the end-of-lease process before you make a decision on what to repair, clean or fix before you return your vehicle.
  • Remove any personal items and wash the car, thoroughly. You want to give a great impression when you turn it back in to the dealer. It’s best to present it in the best light possible upon return.

Belle Tire offers many services to help you maintain your leased vehicle, so that you're not charged with huge fees at the end of your lease. Their services include changing and rotating tires, windshield and window repair, and any other maintenance your car might need.

Check out their website to find a local Belle Tire location near you.

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  • David Wahlberg

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