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Police release 2015 Grand Rapids crime report

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Grand Rapids Police have released their 2015 report on crime.

Police received 163,324 911 calls in 2015 and made 31,099 traffic stops. They made 10,897 physical arrests during the year.

Overall, crime numbers were down in 2015, even though the new report doesn't compare numbers directly to past years.  Chief David Rahinsky says that the new, user-friendly report, focuses more on the partnerships with the community and how they are improving their efforts on the streets.

In 2015, there were 10 murders in Grand Rapids, 97 rapes and 47 arsons. 3,303 cases were assigned to the major case team.  The vice unit received 723 tips and recovered seven pounds of cocaine and 36 firearms.

The category that increased the most was for domestic violence.  Rahinsky says that they are seeing an increase in the number of people reporting past incidences of domestic violence.

To see the whole report, click here.



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  • Bert

    I am confused. When I look at the 2015 totals for each individual category one crime and compare them to 2014’s totals, each individual crime total is higher for 2015 than 2014. (There were 10 murders in 2015, and 6 in 2014, for example.) Yet the month-by-month graph on the 2015 report indicates that there were less total category one crimes in 2015 than in 2014. Both can not be true. Maybe that is why the delay in presenting the report???

    • Bert

      In case anyone cares, here are comparison highlights:

      Murders: 10
      Rapes: 97
      Robberies: 434
      Aggravated Assault: 901

      Murders: 6
      Rapes: 86
      Robberies: 426
      Aggravated Assault: 862

      • Andrew

        Don’t know where you got those 2014 numbers, but that doesn’t match the GRPD’s numbers.
        Still, the numbers that they do have show that while some Level One crimes are down, *violent* crimes (the ones which people are the most worried about right now) are up dramatically.
        Rape is up 49%, murder is up 67%, even aggravated assault is up almost 10%.
        Those increases you can’t even begin to attribute to rising populations.
        This does not look good for the GRPD, but they were forewarned that this outcome is exactly what they could expect when they hired Rahinsky…not a huge increase in overall crime numbers, but a marked increase in the violence and severity of the crimes.

        • Commonsense

          And, we continue to loose officers on patrol because of poor decision making by the city manager and mayor. Yep, things are lookin squeaky clean here in Beertown USA. Not so much. Can’t wait for the report by sectors. Wonder what numbers will be skewed to make certain races and areas appear what they are really not?

          • Andrew

            The sectors themselves are arranged to do exactly that.
            As is the artificial distinction between “serious” crimes (Tier One) and “non-serious” (humorous?) crimes (Tier Two).
            So the PD has done everything the city has told it to do to over the years to make the numbers spin themselves.

            The media has not helped, to be completely fair.
            None of them question the legitimacy of the sector borders, none of them question the legitimacy of the Tier One-Tier Two distinction.
            They all accept what the city spoon feeds them without question or complaint.
            At least WOOD noted the huge increases in violent crime and made sure to point that out specifically, but even they don’t probe into the deceptive tactics behind the way the city leadership manipulates crime statistics. And if you look at Mlive’s report on this their headline lauds the drop in “serious” crime, ignoring completely the dramatic rise in VIOLENT crime. They don’t even mention it! And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously as a news source. They are a PR arm of the city officials, nothing more. At least here the spin is not so blatant, even though the reporting is soft and barely literate sometimes. But nobody in the media, no local news organization whatsoever, has the journalistic integrity to stand up and question the legitimacy of the sectors or the tier-designation, let alone stand up for the people of this city and call them out for being the deceptive spin-tools that they are.

            The people of Grand Rapids recognize four zones in the city. Those zones are NW, NE, SW, and SE. Period. They are defined by Division and Fulton streets. Period. And we recognize two types of crime in this city. Violent, and non-violent. Period. If city leaders and the GRPD want to slice things differently in order to make things appear better than they are, they need to do that with the knowledge that the vast majority of the people in this city consider that to be dishonest, and can see right through it. That we neither accept it nor condone it, and that we count it against them as YET ANOTHER deceptive breach of public trust whether the media holds them to task on it or not.

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