Detroit Lions cheerleader auditions begin today

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo from the Detroit Lions

DETROIT — Well, the Detroit Lions have this going for them in the upcoming season.

The team announced Monday that they will be featuring cheerleaders on the sidelines at Ford Field for the 2016 season.  Auditions begin Saturday, June 25, at Ford Field and the staff will hold call backs throughout the weekend. Pre-registration is required and details are available online here or by calling 313-262-2300.  There will be an industry standard $25.00 fee for registration.  Auditions are closed to the general public.

Finalists will participate in a five-day training camp in mid-July and the squad will be introduced in early August. They’ll be ready to go for the Lions home opener on September 18.

Rebecca Girard-Smoker has been hired as Director of Detroit Lions Cheerleaders.  The team says she spent ten seasons with Palace Sports and Entertainment as the Dance Team Director for the Detroit Pistons Dance Team, Automotion.

The cheer squad already has their own Twitter handle – @DETLionsCheer.

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  • Andrew

    Yeah. Because that is what was missing from the Lions organization and keeping them from the Superbowl for the last 60 years. *eyeroll*

    Sorry. Until someone other than one of the Ford family owns the team, nothing will change. It is NFL policy, and has been ever since WCF bought them. As long as a Ford owns the team, they will never go to the Superbowl.

  • J.B.

    Hey, I am pre-op lesbian trapped in a 6’5 250lb horny guy’s body…
    but i identify myself as a 5’2 110lb hot athletic cheerleader…
    can i still come to tryouts and hang out in the locker room with the other girls? ;)

    • Bob

      I remember when Detroit had cheerleaders in the past. If the new batch of cheerleaders look anything like the ones they had in the past you should fit right in.

      The cheerleaders they use to have looked to be in their fifties and all were well over 200lb.

  • Kevin M.

    Here is the thing:
    You have to have something to cheer about in order to cheer.
    And you have to have cheering before you have cheering to lead.
    With nothing to cheer about, there is no cheering to lead, and cheerleaders are therefore pointless.
    I commend these ladies for wanting to do this, I really do!
    But there really isn’t anything productive which can come of it.
    I suppose it keeps them out of the strip clubs though, so there is that.