Meijer, Rockford Construction in plans to bring store to west side of Grand Rapids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bridge Street between Seward and Stocking - Google Street View

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Residents in downtown Grand Rapids and the west side may soon have their grocery store.

A persistent issue for those living downtown has been the lack of a nearby grocery store.  Monday, Rockford Construction announced preliminary plans working with Meijer, to bring a store to the corner of Bridge Street and Seward Avenue NW.

The proposed development would include plans for the Meijer, as well as additional first floor retail shops and a mix of upper-level rental housing units and office spaces and would include on-site parking.

GR Forward and the West Side Area Specific Plan will also be part of the planning for the project.  The development will need additional tenants and funding incentives in the coming year.

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  • Jerry

    I have said it for years…there is no way GR and Meijer would ever allow any other realistic grocery option in the downtown area. And it is only now that their monopolistic control is being threatened by a legitimate big-city quality grocery delivery service they decide to act. Typical, predictable, and frankly not very well thought through. Until GR finishes driving out the poor from the area, this store will be nothing but a haven for the homeless and drug abusers looking for bathrooms to use, as well as muggers looking for easy “grab and go” opportunities. Particularly in the evenings when most city dwellers would be looking to do their shopping.

    • Andrew

      That is a good point about the grocery delivery services. That is how it is done in most larger cities, and it works really well. Not only is it cheaper for the grocers to run, they are then able to keep the food quality higher and pay fewer employees higher wages in order to provide quality service as well. I don’t see Meijer being able to compete with that.

  • Andrew

    How exactly is this going to qualify as a place for people who live downtown to do their shopping? What I mean is, how are these supposedly “car-free” downtown residents supposed to get a week’s worth of groceries back to their downtown apartments? Will Meijer be leasing shopping carts to them for $50/month? Do you really think anyone is going to take the bus a measly 5 blocks to do it? Or are you expecting them to shop only for one or two days at a time? If you are going to claim that it is a grocery store for downtown residents, put it downtown.

    Those of us who live on the near west side know *exactly* what is going on here, and it is not going to work. I am shopping at Ralph’s and supporting my Grand Rapids community, not some clueless pseudo-businessman from Ada!