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Grand Rapids churches stand with LGBT community after Orlando attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A handful of local churches in Grand Rapids stood in solidarity with the gay community Wednesday evening by hosting a prayer service for the victims of the Orlando shooting massacre.

"Since this violence was targeted against this community, it seemed only right that we stand up and make sure that they [the LGBT community] know that we love them, care for them; this is a safe place for them," said Senior Minister Todd Petty with Park Church.

Park Church and 21 other interfaith partners organized the event and gave Grand Rapids a chance to grieve for those lives lost and impacted by the weekend hate attack. And despite being thousands of miles away, Pastor Dan Furman with Hudsonville United Church of Christ said the shooting touched everyone.

"I have a church member who had two friends killed in the club," Furman said.

Around 600 people attended to remember the 49 individuals whose lives were cut short last weekend. The churches made it a point that their places of worship welcomes and accepts all people.

"For me, love is love," said Pastor Furman. "I don't see love as sin. I see love as love."

"Let's put a balm on the wound and be here for each other," Petty said. "And go out into the world with hope so we can make a difference for good.


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  • Kevin Rahe

    > “For me, love is love,” said Pastor Furman. “I don’t see love as sin. I see love as love.”

    But there are different types of love, Pastor Furman. One type is between people of the same sex that can be very deep but does not involve anything sexual. Instead it tends to be intellectual and even spiritual in addition to affectionate. The Greeks called it phileo. It can be tremendously rewarding for those involved and even the rest of society, and has been highly regarded and even celebrated at times throughout history. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to engage in this sort of love in our society today. Men especially shy away from it because the widespread acceptance of physical homosexual relationships makes it too easy for this sort of love to be misunderstood.

    • tracyd112

      A man can not love another Man .Or Woman loving another Woman the same way as 1 man and 1 woman they are the only true that can have true Love and to bring more Lives into the World.Just think if it were a Gay world None of the gays would be here.

  • Jexylynne

    More clickbating headlines revealed as nonsense by the content of the article. The headline implies broad support, while the content reveals only a handful of churches, out of the hundreds of churches in this city, support the LGBT lifestyle/political agenda.

    There is a huge difference between supporting that, and supporting the surviving families and loved ones after a tragedy. If Fox cared to do an article on the latter it would find a much different level of church involvement. But that wouldn’t get you the clicks that creating controversy would, so I am sure you won’t bother.

  • Jexylynne

    Oh, and it was not a “hate attack”. Every indication is that it was another mass murder commuted by someone with severe mental illness, and was not driven by any reasoned or rational emotion, hatred or otherwise.


    Not one had the guts to call it Islamic terrorism.
    Go ahead, keep telling lies. keep trying to change the truth.

  • tracyd112

    These people say they want to be equal? Well just maybe they should stop all this Labeling themselfs and splitting themselfs into a separate group like the LGBT. I heard on the news they were going to have their rally Downtown this weekend and 1 of the things they were going to visit during this was child homelessness in the LGBT community ? What about the other thousands of homeless children? So to me this is just another Label they put upon themselfs to make them better then the rest of the People in the World.they cry to be equal but how would that ever happen with a Label and putting their LGBT kids and People before any other person or child?

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