2nd Amendment appreciation night in Battle Creek

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A Battle Creek firearms shop is hosting a night dedicated to appreciating their Second Amendment rights.

It’s happening at the Battle Creek Bombers game this Friday C.O. Brown Stadium as they face the Rochester Honkers.

Several firearm vendors will be in attendance, including Taurus, Colt & Houge, On Target, and many others.

Open carry will be permitted at the game, however anybody caught drinking while carrying will be asked to leave immediately.

Ticket vouchers for the party deck are available at Freedom Firearms for $20. There will be fireworks after the game.

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1 Comment

  • Hugh M.

    Why does ANY American community need a special day to appreciate the Constitution? EVERY day should be 2nd amendment appreciation day, 1st amendment appreciation day, etc, We have a national OBLIGATION to do this, and we have let our obligations as citizens go undone for far too long.
    I actually admire those people who open carry, for the simple reason that it provides a visual encouragement to others to live up to their obligations as Americans and not take their rights for granted. Open carrying is as patriotic as flying an American flag.
    For security and self-defense purposes it may not be an ideal strategy, but it is a fine display of patriotism, IMO. A lot of people don’t like it because it makes them uncomfortable. But the reason it makes people uncomfortable is that they have forgotten what kind of country our Constitution establishes. They are uncomfortable because they are ignorant of the difference between the sort of society the Constitution establishes and the sort of society in which we currently live. That difference is huge, largely because the society in which we live encourages the public to remain ignorant of the Constitution and their rights, and the law, so that the government can manipulate all of it for profit and for power. Make the people comfortable and stupid, make education the lowest priority, make it so that you can be financially better off on welfare than by working a job, breed a nation of couch potatoes that plug themselves in to the government controlled electronic devices, and you can control them with very little effort.
    Freedom takes a lot of effort, independent and educated thought, and that makes people uncomfortable too. People are just not used to doing that anymore, and it feels strange and foreign to them. They don’t even feel comfortable thinking of something like a 2nd amendment appreciation day. Their minds are controlled and closed to individuals celebrating a part of the constitution which the government has declared to be the enemy through the media, whether it is the 2nd amendment, state autonomy, border control, presumption of innocence, or any of the other Constitutionally mandated rights which the government is dismantling. They see no problem with the transition to dictatorship which is taking place because they don’t even see it happening.

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