Report: Michigan 40th in nation for childhood education

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A new report says Michigan lags the rest of the nation in math and reading proficiency for young children.

The report released Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation says 71 percent of Michigan fourth-graders aren't proficient in reading and 71 percent of eighth-graders aren't proficient in math. More than half of young children aren't in preschool.

The Baltimore-based foundation uses those measures to rank Michigan 40th in the nation for childhood education.

The group says that reading and math proficiency are key indicators of educational success.

The report says fourth-grade reading and eighth-grade math proficiency have improved across the country.

The Michigan Department of Education released the following statement to FOX 17:

"The initiative to make Michigan a Top 10 education state in 10 years has been in progress since last fall, with input from educators, businesses, and parents. A set of goals and strategies to implement are in place and our collective efforts can help place Michigan children on a path of greater academic achievement and success." Bill DiSessa, MDE Communications

In response to the report, the Governor's office released this statement to FOX 17:

“Governor Snyder will continue his efforts to improve education for all students in Michigan. In the fiscal year 2017 budget, we’re increasing K-12 per pupil funding by $60 to $120 for schools across the state and allocating resources for our third-grade reading initiative. In fact – since fiscal year 2011 - state K-12 funding has increased by $1.4 billion. The governor has also made early childhood education a priority, increasing funding for Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program by nearly $150 million over the past six years.

These resources will help ensure all Michigan students have an opportunity for long-term success by being able to meet the challenges of a global economy.” Josh Paciorek, Deputy Press Secretary


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  • Bob

    I didn’t realize a person had to be proficient in reading and math to be a succeed in Michigan. I always thought if you could sign your welfare check you had everything you needed to succeed.

  • Christine

    Anyone who has read any of the MI news media will not be surprised by this “news”. In this state, even the people who are writing professionally have an appallingly low level of proficiency, and in some cases are completely incompetent. Mostly at Mlive, but every local news outlet throughout the state exhibits the same low level of literacy. This site is no exception. Here at Fox17 there are even people well up in editorial positions who are inept, unskilled, and incapable of editing the work of others accurately. It is quite telling that one group of readers here has amassed a fairly sizeable collection of examples of this ineptitude published by Fox17’s Digital Manager himself. These readers are doing this to amuse themselves. It is entertainment. They are making fun of the low quality of writing that goes on professionally here in MI. That is a very telling situation, and anyone who is paying attention is not going to be surprised by findings like this one.

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