City could change, cancel fireworks after fights, arrests

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (AP) — Southwestern Michigan officials could change or cancel next year’s fireworks after an unruly crowd got violent and pelted police and spectators who gathered at a Lake Michigan beach with bottles.

City Council discussed concerns Tuesday night about Sunday’s annual “Light up the Lake” event on North Beach in South Haven. Mayor Robert Burr says there have been calls already to cancel next year’s event, but he says “such a move would be too hasty.”

Options include changing aspects of the show including the date, time and duration.

Police say a large crowd became violent and fights started. Police closed the beach and have said at least two dozen people were arrested, but the actual number could be twice that. City officials say law enforcement did their best to contain problems.

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  • Andrew

    It would not be hasty. It would make sense. Privileges have to be earned. If society can not behave well enough to congregate peacefully for a few hours, they should not be encouraged to so congregate by the municipality. Next year try a one hour parade, and if everyone behaves themselves for that then the following year do a one hour parade followed by a one hour concert of patriotic music played by the local high school band. If that works out then you can add fireworks after the concert the next year. If it goes south at any point then you know the limits of your community’s civility, and you should pull back. Let the people dictate what you do thorough their behavior. It is very simple.

    • Joe Bidden

      So because of 50 or even a 100 people we cancel fireworks and deny over 25,000 people their enjoyment of seeing fireworks on the 4th?

      Get real…

  • Chris

    Some gun owners misuse their weapon but most do not. Some fireworks spectators misuse the event but most do not. You don’t cancel fireworks just because of a few daddy’s boys shooting off their mouth. That area reminds me of when St Joe use to raise the bridge when black people protest like in 60s and 90s.

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