‘Do you see the injustice going on?’ Church leaders tackle racism

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Serious questions about racism are being raised among residents in the wake of our Nation's most recent shootings.

A heated discussion held at LifeQuest Ministries during a vigil Friday gave city residents the chance to pray and voice their frustrations about racism, hatred, and hopelessness. A discussion Nathaniel Moody, pastor at Brown Hutchinson Ministry says would still be silent if it wasn't for the social media uproar on this weeks deadly shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.

"1968 is today, the only thing that’s changed is the technology," said Pastor Moody. "We are still doing the same thing that we did in the 60’s, we’re still fighting the same fight. It just gets camouflaged from time to time."

The vigil was led by the Grand Rapids Association of Pastors.  The pastor at LifeQuest, Jerry Bishop, said it's time for our Nation to wake up and come together in the fight against racism.

"I’m still a relatively young man but I’ve never seen so much national violence aside from the brutality of the civil rights march," said Pastor Bishop.

Pastor Bishop calling GRPD's effort to double up officers during patrol in the wake of this week's tragedies is a knee jerk reaction made in fear.

"We doubled up our patrol, that’s an act of aggression not an act of compassion," said Pastor Bishop. "We responded in a knee jerk reaction as if we are afraid of the audience we serve."

Mayor Rosalyn Bliss and Police Chief Dave Rahinsky were in attendance, listening to the handful of residents who chose to speak to the congregation of people.

"Do you see the injustice going on?" asked Pastor Moody. "Are we serving the same god or what? If we don’t change our way of thinking towards one another and deal with the hatred and sin, or even the repentance of a Nation, then this country is doomed."

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  • Bob

    “Do you see the injustice going on?” NO I don’t !!

    Follow the law, respect your fellow man, don’t act like a fool and you won’t be treated like one. When the police ask you to do something, do it whether you agree with them or not. You can sort it out later in a court of law.

    Seems simple enough to me.

  • steve thomas

    Somebody ought to point out to Pastor Bishop the fact that there have been three cases of blacks shooting at whites ambush-style since Dallas. Doubling up in patrol cars isn’t a “knee jerk” reaction, Bishop. It’s called wise preemptive damage control.

  • Hateu

    Blacks want a free pass on crime, they don’t get that and bring up the past and blame the white man. These kids never worked a hard day in their lives and it’s as if they still picking cotton while every other race is doing fine. There certainly is injustice and blacks are doing it to themselves . I’m white and I owe you nothing. I already get raped each year in taxes to help feed the worthless

  • Bob

    When I was young many years ago, I had long hair, a beard, rode a motorcycle, and ran with a gang. The police gave me a hard time every time they seen me. They would follow me for no reason. They would go around the block if they saw me coming out of a bar just to get a second look. I could go on.

    I was never happy to see the police back then and I suppose they were profiling me. Probably with just cause.

    The bottom line is, if you look like you are up to something the police are going to be watching you and they should be. That is what they are there for. Don’t act and dress like a thug and you won’t be treated like one.