Friend or foe? Open-carry law poses challenge to police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PARIS, Texas (AP) — Gun-rights activists, some of them openly toting rifles and handguns, marched alongside the hundreds of people who flocked to downtown Dallas last week to protest police shootings of blacks.

Their presence was part of the new legal landscape in Texas. Earlier this year, the state allowed people to openly carry firearms in public.

When a sniper started gunning down officers patrolling the peaceful march, the attack ignited panic and confusion. Who was shooting? Were the people with weapons friend or foe?

It was the same nightmare scenario that some law enforcement officials predicted when Texas approved the open-carry proposal.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown estimated that 20 to 30 open-carry activists attended the rally. Some wore gas masks, bulletproof vests and fatigues. They ran when the shots rang out.

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1 Comment

  • Matthew Bongers

    These are not Gun-rights activists they are people who have freedoms granted by the constitution. It would be a mistake if one individual decided to open fire among legally armed citizens and police. But the media loves hypocrisy because it’s ok to protest threaten officer and other people while destroying property over one shooting of a felon who shouldn’t have had a weapon in the first place. But no one gives a crap about 5 police officers who were openly murdered. But go ahead and keep spreading ignorance a fear like the rest of national media.