Morning Buzz- 5 things to know for July 13

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

1. The City of Grand Rapids might approve people having backyard chickens later this month.

The city's spokesperson said they'll be ending the two year trial early. Neighbors are able to object others having chickens within three weeks of an application being filed.

It’s basically the same thing they want to try with backyard campfire permits.

Both will cost $50 and be decided on July 26.


2. Biggby opened a new location today!

It happened early Wednesday morning on the ground floor of Arena Place on Ottawa avenue in downtown Grand Rapids.

The shop is already open for business, after having a soft opening.

Arena Place is a $55 million mixed use development that's completely leased. Businesses have been moving into the 11 story building since early May.

Biggby is planning to hire a total of 15 full time and part time employees for the new store front.


3. Here in Grand Rapids there's now an alternative to rideshare giants like Uber or Lyft.

It's called Steadyfare, but how is it different from other ridesharing companies?

As the name implies, there is no surge pricing so riders know that their fare will remain the same during slow or peak hours or days. Plus, on Steadyfare riders can tip drivers and schedule a pick-up time in advance. The company is brand new and based in Grand Rapids.


4. Michigan is making way for some amazing ships!

Bay City is one of several communities set to host the Tall Ships Challenge.  It's a series of rallies and races organized by Tall Ships America.

The event will showcase the large vessels as they pass through Bay City on their way to Chicago and other locations. The tall ship celebration will run Thursday through Sunday.


5. Not long after the NASA spacecraft "Juno" entered Jupiter’s orbit, we're now getting a look at images of the planet.

The picture was taken about 2.7 million miles away from Jupiter.

The image shows atmospheric features on Jupiter, including the famous red spot and three of the planet's four moons.

NASA is excited because the photo shows that the Junocam survived its first pass through Jupiter’s extreme radiation environment.

The spacecraft arrived at Jupiter on July 4.

Crews are working to post all of Junocam's images on the mission's website.

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