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Child dies in hot car while family worships in church

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DALLAS — A 3-year-old boy died on Sunday after he was accidentally left in a hot car parked outside a church, according to police.

The child’s family was attending an afternoon bible study at Rehoboth Praise Assembly in Dallas, according to CBS Dallas.

A church member told KDFW the boy’s mother and father were in separate groups at the church. When the couple reunited 45 minutes after arriving at the church, they realized they only had four kids and their youngest child was missing.

The father immediately left the church and ran to the parking lot, where he found the boy unresponsive inside the family’s SUV.

The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The father speaks limited English and had trouble communicating that he needed someone to call 911, a church member told KDFW.

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  • Cesar

    So God was listening to the parents praises and prayers “Oh God, you are Great, we love you so much”, and at that time he could have used his infinite power to:
    a) inspire them to go to the car
    b) Open a window
    c) Block the sun with some clouds
    d) Give the kid suérnatural strenght
    e) Literally ANYTHING to save him

    But chooses to remain silent so his reputation of “acting in mysterious ways” is not affected.

    The real mystery is how can people still believe in gods and angels on 2016…

        • Janine

          Well with the comment from Cesar. Why didn’t God save this child. Here is the real question. Why did the parents forget the child? Maybe God did talk to them. Send them a message. Maybe they just ignored it! And yes 99 times out of 100 people blame God. Why didn’t you help? Why didn’t you save them from this? Why didn’t you do that?

          • cesarcoll

            I’m not actually blaming “God”. I don’t believe there is such a thing. My point is that this should proof how pointless it is to pray. And it’s not just a christian thing either, earlier this year a bunch of muslims died while they literally trampled themselves while doing a massive religious dance. You would think that if there was a god with infinite power, he would at least make sure that nobody got hurt while people were praising him. This is certainly not a “proof” that there is no god… …but it gets uncomfortably close to it.

    • kathy kerner

      this was NOT an act of god in any way.. this was an act by two adults with free will and choices. and a child died because of it. and they will pay dearly for it.the devil uses these incidences like this to create attitudes just like the one you have. so it looks like he has won you over. you are speaking like someone who is clearless.. and only sees god as some sort of spot on miracle worker..and it doesn’t work like that.. if you haven’t read the bible.. you cant say much as to Gods ways. people tend to automatically blame god to get out of accepting responsibility for their actions. luckily for you non believers god gives a second chance. as for these parents.. god can decide on their soul.. but the courts need to press 1st degree murder charges on those parents and stip them of all rights to the other kids.

      • Chris McDermott

        Actually Kathy it was god, if you know your bible and you know religion. You know God chooses when it is time for a person to die, so believing that he chose to have the kid left in the car, he let the sun beat down on the car and heat it, and he let the kid suffer for hours before he died. Also God has a plan for everyone so this was part of that plan.

        You have to accept the bad with the good in religion, you can’t cherry pick what you want to accept, either accept it all or none.

  • Anneke Barnard

    This just sounds too fishy. “accidentally”. No, on purpose would sound more believable. So god once again failed saving a child’s life. Also wonder which god they were busy praising in there.

  • croydongeorge

    Such parents deserve all the punishment that the law allows. Nobody can blame ‘God’ for this tragedy but you CAN blame those who forget their children yet remember to praise a mythical supernatural being that doesn’t exist other than in their tiny minds.


    You seem like a rational man. How then would you explain the natural powe and it’s control?

  • Kathy Kerner

    pisses me off they blame god!!.. this is outright murder.. you do not leave a kid in a hot car on purpose. these parents should be charged with 1st degree murder, and all rights to their other kids stripped.

  • Eric Detlefsen

    It’s ironic to me that people are quick to blame God when bad things happen, but never seem to give Him credit when good things happen.

  • Jessica

    I’m sorry but if nobody noticing the fact that none of these people spoke English and they couldn’t call the cops

  • johnny truth seeker

    God didn’t make us puppets. He sometimes allows bad things to happen to try to help us see how short this life really is for all of us and to try to spur us to seek the truth about things. I believe this life on Earth is just a tiny moment in our lives but many of the choices we make here will affect us and others in both this life and the next.