Hamilton’s Nick Carlson preps for U.S. Amateur

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HAMILTON, Mich. -- In just over two years, Nick Carlson won two individual state golf titles while at Hamilton high school, led Michigan to a NCAA regional in his freshman year and won two Kent County amateur titles.

"A little bit of a blur," said Nick.  "Everything's been happening so fast and so quick. I mean, you go from winning Kent County in 2014 to my senior year of high school and then all of a sudden I'm in college and playing college golf.  Overall, it's been an amazing experience and I can't wait to have it keep growing and getting better."

As much as he's accomplished over the last couple years, it's his most recent accomplishment that stands out among the rest. Earlier this month, Nick qualified for the U.S. Amateur, the most prestigious amateur event in the world.

"The U.S. Am. is such a big deal," Nick explained.  "My caddy and I have been trying for a while and you know, it's just one of those deals where we're just overjoyed. You can't even express or put into words what it felt like and what it meant, so it was just something awesome."

Playing in the U.S. Amateur, Nick will have an opportunity to put his name among a "who's who" list of U.S. golfers who have competed in and won the event in the past.

"Ricky Barnes, who won it in 2002 at Oakland Hills, the last time it was played at the course we're playing to guys like Tiger and Jack," said Nick.  "Just amazing player that have played golf and continued playing well."

The U.S. Amateur will take place August 15th through 21st at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, meaning Nick will have a bit of a home advantage.

"I told a lot of people early in the year that I was going to make this U.S. Am., because of how close it was to everything," said Nick.   "I've got friends and family coming out and I'm just super excited to show them what I can do. If I make match play it will fulfill my goals and whatever happens after that is just a bonus, so just looking forward to playing well."

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