Launch cable detaches on roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio, ride closed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — The Top Thrill Dragster ride at Cedar Point theme park is closed on Monday after a launch cable detached during operations on Sunday night, according to WJW.

Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clarke says the incident happened around 10:30 p.m. Two guests were taken to first aid for evaluation. They were released and then returned to the park.

“The ride will undergo a complete and thorough inspection today, and is expected to reopen tomorrow.  As always, the safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority.”

According to Cedar Point’s website, the Top Thrill Dragster goes from zero to 120 miles per hour in less than four seconds. From a “standing start,” riders are launched forward then straight up and straight down, then back to the finish line.

Back in 2014, the Skyhawk was closed at the park after a cable on one of the ride’s carriages disconnected. The cable came in contact with two guests. One was treated at the scene and released. The other guest was taken to the hospital for evaluation but was treated and released.

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  • Lisa Blankenship

    Cedar Point needs to takeresponsibility for their faulty rides! My Aunt Roxanne was one of the ones injured on the Skyhawk in 2014, she had a concussion! The cable came disconnected and almost decapitated my cousin and my aunt was pushing my cousin and her friends head down away from this huge whipping cable!! They have not received anything from Cedar Point including an apology!! They are pathetic!!

    • Austin

      Excuse me but your tirade is uncalled for. Cedar Point is one of the best and safest amusement parks in the world. Things happen. Your car is liable to break down any minute. Rides are exactly the same way, only so much can be done to protect people if something breaks. Cedar point has no “faulty” rides”. Rarely do people get hurt there. Cedar Point does not ignore safety. When their is even a gut feeling that something is wrong, they close the rides. I can recall many times rides were closed for an hour and immediately reopened because people misunderstood how the ride was supposed to operate. Please stop bashing CP.

      • heather

        I think lisas reaction was understandable,cedar point is definitely not one of the safest parks around, many people have been injured or died at cedar point and you can look this up by simply doing a google search…and clearly there are faulty rides, if there wasn’t there would never be any incidents. Cedar point does what any other park can do though..close the ride and repair it…parks like cedar point never want anything bad to happen to the riders but there will always be danger when it comes to rollercoasters

    • Rebecca Velasco

      I am a platinum pass holder, every year. I visit with my children dozens of times throughout the season with no hesitations and never have had a complaint or concern about our safety or their response to potential risks. I don’t know of any park who takes so many precautions and measures to keep their guests safe. I don’t believe for one second your story is not a HUGE exaggeration of actual events. Things do happen, but I for one have a great appreciation for the time they put into ensuring our safety… when rides are shut down I don’t get angry like so many do, I think “I appreciate the fact that they’re putting my family’s safety before the happiness of their park goers”. They have had VERY few injuries (none major) and NO deaths as a result of mechanical issues or “faulty rides”. Can’t say the same for some other parks.

      If your “story” was true, your family would have had an easy lawsuit on their hands… and they’d have easily gotten “something” more than an apology for what had happened.

      We actually visited the first aid station on our visit this past weekend… they take any and all injuries in the park extremely serious whether it’s got something to do with their rides or not. They don’t cut corners in any way, and they absolutely put their guests safety before anything else! I’ve been on rides they’ve flat out stopped to retrieve cell phones from individuals because they don’t want so much as a phone to fly out of someone’s hand and hit someone else in the face (or for their phone to get lost and cause them to jump a fence). Their concern for our safety is no little thing. Period.

    • Sarah Rolland (@sarah_rolls)

      I have to agree with Lisa on this one. Not so much about the faulty rides, as I’ve never had any experiences with those, but their complete and utter lack of medical care -_- a few years ago, back in highschool, me and all my friends got season passes one year. It was great as we were able to go any time we had a little bit of free time, drive out there, ride a few rides, then go home and not feel like we wasted a ticket. I only mention this because often times it was a spur of the moment thing to go there. Two separate occasions, we went there on a complete whim, and they both ended in medical disasters. Same exact thing happened to me and a friend of mine. Waiting in ridiculous long lines, in the super hot summer sun, no shade, no water, and BOTH of us – on two separate occasions – passed out unconscious from the heat. We lucked out the first time where we had a large friend of ours scoop up our friend that passed out (who weighed less than like 100lbs) and was able to carry her to the medical station. This had never happened to her before (or myself). It could have been a whole number of serious life-threatening issues. So what does cedar point medical staff do? Take her blood pressure, temperature, look her over and tell her to go eat and drink and send her on her way -_- literally, that’s it. Didn’t even give her a cup of water, or an IV of fluids or something -_- (we all had great medical insurance at the time by the way too….) Then basically the same exact event happened to me while waiting in the ridiculous long line of the Millenium. Except I wasn’t quite as lucky as my friend, the only person I was there with was that same less than 100lbs. friend :/ I made it to the guard rails/chain-link fence that’s right at the top of the line, right before you enter the loading & unloading area for the ride. I collapsed, woke up and started throwing up over the guard rail. Told my friend to go get help because I know she wouldn’t be able to carry me. Stood there hanging over the railing, not even able to see or pick myself up, throwing up all over, and not a single person (more like the employees that SHOULD be helping me) did a damn thing. My friend came back a few minutes later with no help, saying she couldn’t find ANYONE (employee-wise) that would help me -_- having had this experience afterrr my friend’s experience – she dragged me off to the side in the shade, then I got to spend my last $20 on a hotdog, fries, and a water -_- we decided I’ll try to eat & drink something first to see if that helps, if not it’s pretty much time to call an ambulance because Cedar Point medical staff isn’t going to do dick. Thankfully that got me back to conscious enough to walk back to my car and leave. But yeah, the “medical team/booth” there is an absolute joke. I’ve experienced it first hand. Even if they aren’t equipped to handle something – they should be contacting an ambulance, or some form of transportation to get their park visitor to a medical team that can. So note to everyone – plan ahead of time, don’t think Cedar Point is going to help you if you get hurt. They won’t. Always bring a water bottle with you (even an empty one, they have water fountains) and drink it constantly even if you aren’t thirsty, take breaks and sit in the shade to cool down, and always bring your own food with you (even if you need to leave it in your car and go back to it to eat), if you collapse from heat exhaustion or dehydration (two things that have taken the lives of many people before) they WILL NOT help you! I really hope they step their game up with the medical staff though. Nobody should have to worry that if they get hurt nobody will help them :/

      • Dave Kozina

        I have to call compete BS on your story. “Back in high school…..” Whatever. Long story short you couldn’t have the self-responsibility to stay hydrated when you knew it was going to be extremely hot.
        Did you know that all the public safety personnel at CP (police, fire, and medical; not counting security) are all required to have licensure through Ohio? Please don’t insult the crews that work to keep guests like you safe.
        No employee wanted to help you? Again, BS. If you would have actually told an employee what was happening, a medical emergency code would have been called over the radios which then brings the crews in a hurry.
        How do I know this? Sixteen years as a paramedic, ten years on a municipal fire department, and three summers as a proud member of the Cedar Point Fire Department.

        • Sarah Rolland (@sarah_rolls)

          Why on Earth would somebody make up those stories? I’m pretty sure Cedar Point has security footage all over the park if you are so very inclined to make sure I am not lying about passing out in line, throwing up over the guard rail, and not a single employee coming to help me. What part of this story do you find oh so SHOCKING that it just couldn’t possibly be true?? That not a single employee came to help me as I pass out, half-way come to and am throwing up over the guard rail? And that my friend couldn’t find a single employee to come help me? Sorry to burst your bubble here but that’s 100% exactly how the event played out. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it myself. I didn’t even lie that we left on a whim and failed to bring empty water bottles and hydrate ourselves. Which is why I ended my comment making sure people know that this DOES HAPPEN, and to ALWAYS be prepared for something like this to you. Bring an empty water bottle, drink water all day, bring food, take breaks in the shade. And most importantly – bring friends capable of helping you if you pass out, as not a single employee helped me as I’m 300 feet from entering the Millenium Force, surrounded by hundreds of guests watching this go down.

          And sorry, I will reword my first sentence to: “8 years ago while in highschool”. Is that better for you? Would you like me to email you my highschool diploma to make sure I’m not lying about the year I graduated highschool? What a stupid thing to comment about and excuse someone of lying about XD lol. Who lies about passing out in line and throwing up all over in front of hundreds of people? Yeah cause I totally enjoyed that experience and everything. Pathetic.

          • Dave Kozina

            OK, so you passed out, puking all over, your friend has to carry you out of the queue 300 feet from entering the ride. Not a single employee saw what was happening, and your friend somehow managed to magically carry you out of the queue without running over other guests. Something like this would have brought the attention of the ride operators, not to mention the emergency crews. Once again, I call BS.
            First Aid always has water and Gatorade available. All the food stands offer free water if you ask for it. Why didn’t you get IV fluids? I don’t know, maybe because I have to take you to the hospital after starting ALS protocol?
            Did you know there are two Advanced Life Support ambulances on the park? Staffed by paramedics?