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Teens plead guilty to stabbing, beating boy to death

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Two teen boys accused of stabbing and beating a 16-year-old Wyoming High School student to death have pleaded guilty to charges of first degree pre-meditated murder.

Quentin Schafer and Carlos Delgado, both 15, were charged as adults in the March killing of Michael White. White was a junior at Wyoming High School when a neighbor found his body in Lions Park in Wyoming March 19.

In court Monday, facing sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted, Schafer and Delgado pleaded guilty and cooperated to admit each other’s involvement in the crime. In exchange both teens now face reduced sentences of anywhere between 30-60 years in prison.

Previously, Delgado admitted his involvement to police after making incriminating statements on Facebook about the alleged crime, court documents revealed. Bloody clothes were also found at a home while police were executing a search warrant in the investigation.

According to court records, Schafer was last seen by witnesses with White and later made incriminating comments to Delgado about the murder. A weapon was also reportedly found and attributed to Schafer.

Michael White (courtesy photo)

Michael White (courtesy photo)

White was stabbed more than 20 times and was found with at least five areas of major blunt force trauma to his head, including "fractures to the upper and lower jaw,” a doctor who performed White’s autopsy previously testified in court. Police testimony stated brass knuckles, a knife handle, and then later the knife blade were found within 25 feet of White's body in Lions Park.

Relatives of White declined to comment following Monday’s court proceedings but had previously told FOX 17 they wanted to see both teens sentenced to life in prison without a chance at parole.

A motive for White's death has not been revealed, but his family said they believe he was set up and lured to Lions Park.

Both Delgado and Schafer are scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 7.

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  • Hateu

    If it was a couple white kids who killed a black or Mexican it would be a hate crime no doubt, especially if it were a black kid

  • kelly hogan

    Lets just clarify that the teens were never going to face life without parole thanks to a ruling from the supreme court that says life for juveniles is cruel and unusual punishment. And its very unfortunate that because the trial did not proceed as planned that the news does not have all the facts to report accurately. For instance, multiple murder weapons were used and all were not divulged in the public proceedings….Take it from Mikey’s mom that what they did to my son was more than cruel, more than unusual and deserved a death sentence….not life.

    • Hateu

      Right.. I hope the worthless crap in WI spreads.. I know many people with itchy trigger fingers ready to render Justice on these worthless animals

  • Life lessons

    What about how the parents of the victim are doing w/o their child, A child who was taken from them because two monsters felt it was their right to take a life?
    Those little monsters parent(s) will be able to visit them in prison, The victims parent(s) will never be able to see him again unless it is to visit a gravesite or mantle (if cremated) –
    Those two demons knew what they were doing, They don’t deserve three square meals a day and shelter…The little creep killers need to be strapped to a gurney and face a needle, which is probably far more humane than the betrayal and fear that the victim felt!
    Michigan and ALL states need to have the death penalty for scum like these who admit their guilt, Stop making tax payers foot the bill for oxygen thieves such as these two little cretons.

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