Buying and selling a home during the school year

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Summer is almost over, and soon it'll be time for the kids to start heading back to school. So if you missed the frenzy of the summer real estate market, but are still looking to buy or sell a house, what will the Fall market have in store for you?

Greenridge Realty provides some tips and advice on how to buy or sell a home during the school year.

Most people with kids in school prefer to avoid the school year for selling their home and moving. There may be less demand from buyers in the market once school starts, but Greenridge believes there will still be homes moving quickly and at great prices.

There are also more advantages to buying or selling a home during the school year. There will be slightly fewer people moving during the fall, meaning less competition for you as you're looking for a home to buy. There will also be more wiggle room on home prices, and you'll feel a little less anxiety when going through the process.

Of course, with kids, it can be tough up-rooting them and moving during the school year. Here's some tips on how to make the whole process of buying, showing, and selling the house a lot easier:

  • Tell your kids right away
  • Schedule showings at times that work best for your family
  • Let your kids help

If you're looking to buy or sell a home, visit Greenridge Realty to get in touch with a real estate professional who can help you consider all the factors involved in a home purchase or sale. You can call them at (800) 678-9218.

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