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West Michigan couple says wedding DJ won’t face the music

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A West Michigan couple says they're getting the run around from a DJ they hired for their wedding.

Travis Quitquit and Katie Meade say they hired Eric Lee Deridder for their October wedding, but decided they wanted to cancel his services after he ditched their friends' wedding.

"After our friend was stood up at her wedding by this DJ she was devastated," Travis said.  "She texted us immediately and let us know what happened.  We got sick to our stomachs."

The couple says Derrider charges $500 a wedding, but knocks $100 off the price if people pay up front.  When they tried to contact him about a refund, they said not only was his Facebook nowhere to be found, but his number was no longer working.

When they did finally get a hold of him, he agreed to meet them and give them their money back. However, they say he's bailed on them twice.

"It's not even the money as much as the principle," Katie said.  "Just knowing he is not being honest and he is giving us the run around and false promises, saying he will meet us then doesn't show."

FOX 17 reached out to Eric Deridder.  He responded with an email claiming that he paid back Katie and Travis.  The couple says they haven't seen a dime.

"The money would help because there is insane amounts of money and costs that go into a wedding, so I just feel like we could use this money towards something else," Katie says.

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  • Brian Arnold

    If he scammed you, we’ll do your wedding. Just look up Live Wires Entertainment on Facebook or yellow pages and let us know what happened. We can’t have people giving DJs a bad name, it’s a tough business as it is.

  • Adam

    I have friends who used this DJ (more than once) without any issues at all. He was professional, on time and a very good DJ. They also told me he has been a DJ for fifteen years. From the way they speak of him I’m thinking this is isolated or there is more to the story. Who would throw away 15 years of hard work? Bad press coverage can destroy someone in a business like that.

  • Aaron

    Honestly you get what you pay for. No professional or legal company would touch a wedding for $400. A quality wedding DJ would charge $1200+ for a vey basic reception. There is literally almost no profit to be made doing a wedding for $400. Just to rent the equipment a professional would use would cost you a lot more then that. I own a top rated event production company and can’t stand the low ballers that try to make people think they can get a DJ for almost no money. It sucks that this happened to you but in all fairness if you do not do your research this is bound to happen.

  • Chris Huvaere

    I have a DJ / entertainment business, “Wired For Sounds, Inc”, and pride myself in providing EXTRAORDINARY service. If you would like to pass my contact information on to this couple, I would certainly try to work something out for them (assuming the DATE is available on my calendar). I CARE ALOT about “how things go”, and work primarily on referrals and some repeat business. My cell number is the best way to contact me. (616) 634-3030. I PROMISE my BEST, and do everything in my power to HONOR MY WORD, and DELIVER everything I SAY. I would need to MEET with these folks, to run through my “Wedding reception planning form”, which is an amazing tool for me execute their wishes for that “special day”.

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