Video captures rodeo clown going ‘off script’ with gender identity comments during show

Posted: 7:37 AM, Aug 24, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-24 07:38:09-04

MARSHALL, Mich. -- A rodeo clown's comments last week at the Calhoun County Fair about gender identity crossed the line for some audience members. Video submitted by an anonymous viewer shows rodeo clown Rockin' Robbie Hodges making statements about transgender people and bathrooms:

  • "If you can tinkle on a fire you go to the boys' room, if you can't, you go to the girls' room, right?" Hodges said.
  • "You're either a boy or a girl, y`all understand."
  • "If you're confused then you need help"
  • "Everybody in here who's really sure they're a boy raise your hand,.

The viewer who provided the video told FOX 17  that she and her daughter were enjoying the Lost Nations Rodeo until Hodges made the comments. She said she was shocked on two levels: that such comments were made to a crowd full of children, and that the comments do not reflect the values of Marshall, whose residents, as she put it, believe in equality.

The rodeo company issued a statement of apology:

"Lost Nations Rodeo was unaware that those comments would be made, and were off script. Hodges is a well-decorated entertainer, and while we appreciate his services, we do not share the same views or opinions. We sincerely apologize again to all of our fans and look forward to entertaining you in the future."

The company noted that Hodges had been hired just to perform at the rodeo in Marshall.