Sinas Dramis Law Firm is dedicated to defending personal injury accidents

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Dedication, commitment, and results. That's just part of what defines the wonderful group of lawyers at Sinas Dramis Law Firm.

Leigh Ann sat down with Thomas Sinas to Talk about why they're dedicated to personal injury accidents.

Whenever anyone thinks of Ionia Avenue they think of restaurants brewery that they can come down here and hang out don’t think they think of a law firm settled in among all of it. It used to be an old social security building, so it used to be opened and they re-modified it to get a whole bunch of suites in here.

The firm has always been based out of Lansing since 1951, but opened their Grand Rapids branch in 2013.

"We’ve always done west Michigan work but when I moved back from Minneapolis, my wife and I chose Grand Rapids," Sinas said. "It just so happened that  the firm had always wanted to have a physical presence here because we’d always worked on west side of the state wasn’t until I came back that right person here to open law firm."

"In 65 years we’ve done kind of a little bit of everything. In last 40 years or so, we've really become known for work and expertise in personal injury work, which is a phrase I don’t really like, but what it means is representing people who have been in the most tragic event of their life. There are people that come to us with very complicated insurance claims and they need us to sort out those claims and figure out what their rights are and what we need to do to protect their rights."

Digging through the tangled web known as Michigan's complicated "No Fault System" is something Sinas Dramis knows very well.  So why do people hesitate to turn to them or any other lawyer?

Sinas says people hesitates people most is there are too many lawsuits, they don't like lawyers, or don't want to be part of the process. To Sinas and Dramis, there's nothing more valuable than the good health of family member, so they don't want their clients to worry about seeing them.

Some of the hardest cases for them to work on are those involving children. Giving away bike helmets through their "Lids for Kids" program is one way they make sure corners aren't cut and prevention is the forefront.

Sinas Dramis Law Firm has two locations in West Michigan:

  • 15 Ionia Avenue Southwest #300 in Grand Rapids
  • 3380 Pine Tree Road in Lansing

For more details, you can call them at (866) 758-0031.


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