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Group marches to change Paw Paw school’s Redskins mascot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PAW PAW, Mich. — A rally was pulled together in downtown Paw Paw on Saturday during the Wine and Harvest Festival with one group hoping to get their message heard.

“They need to remove this mascot and they need to honor the resolutions that the tribes in the area have spread, updated and sent them,” said activist Monica Padula.

It started with a prayer and traditional smudging as a group of activists gathered for one cause, to get the Paw Paw high school mascot and the use of the word, "Redskin" removed.

"I think the mascot out here really needs to change, when we look at racism it’s not just a black or white issue there’s people of color of all different backgrounds, and one that seems to be getting ignored a lot is Native Americans and the mascot here is a great example of that and it needs to change,” said activist Andrew Alm.

The people then began a march through downtown Paw Paw.

All in hopes to educate the community of an ongoing concern that one woman says was addressed to the Paw Paw school board back in February.

"Schools have a very big responsibility to make sure that they’re teaching their children or their students equality to be free from discrimination and that’s not possible to do when you have a native based mascot for a non tribal or non indigenous school,” Padula said.

And area tribes are making sure their voices are heard too.

"They have all submitted resolutions saying in Michigan a majority of tribes including Sault Ste Marie this is completely demeaning and derogatory and it has no place in our school and we feel very strongly about that,” Padula said.

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  • KT

    I didn’t know potatoes could be so divisive. Kinda thin skinned if you ask me. Could change the nickname to the Russets as it’s got appeal. All in favor say eye.

  • Steven

    Ooh wow!! Really PAW PAW. People are so stupid now adays. Redskin had always meant Indians. They called them selfs that. This whole racist crap is blowen way out of the water. Whats next might as well do away with patatos you know red and white. People need to get a life. Too much time on peoples hands

    • Dakoda Benson

      “Though the proclamation itself does not use the word, an historical association between the use of ‘redskin’ and the paying of bounties can be made from newspapers of the time. In 1863, a Winona, Minnesota, newspaper, the Daily Republican, printed an announcement: ‘The state reward for dead Indians has been increased to $200 for every red-skin sent to Purgatory. This sum is more than the dead bodies of all the Indians east of the Red River are worth.’ A news story published by the Atchison Daily Champion in Atchison, Kansas, on October 9, 1885, tells of the settlers’ ‘hunt for redskins, with a view of obtaining their scalps’ valued at $250”

      • gobluespartyon

        Redskins term has changed overtime I think of Redskins as a football team only. You support PC culture & madness and that is what wrong with this country I forgot to say in my other reply.

    • Dakoda Benson

      The University of Notre Dame was founded by Irish Catholics. They named themselves the Fighting Irish. If you can’t see the difference, you’re thick.

      • gobluespartyon

        You support PC Culture & Madness Dakoda Redskins isn’t a racial slur as you have claim which is lie without facts or proof. Polls show most Americans aren’t offended by the Redskins name and don’t think it’s a racial slur A 2014 9 out 10 Native Americans don’t think the Redskins name isn’t offensive or racial slur either from Washington Post and also 2004 poll. Facts are on my side you can’t handle the truth Dakoda since your wrong and I’m right.

  • gobluespartyon

    This PC run a monk Redskins isn’t a racial slur I only think of it football team only Washington Redskins. PAW PAW & Belding keep the name and tell activists PC crowd how wrong they are and this is what wrong with this country is PC culture & madness.

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